Five Benefits of Outsourcing College and University Document Storage Needs


Enrolling in a college or university means different things for different people. For some, college or university represents a chance to improve their lives, build for their future and plan out their dreams. For others, it’s that first opportunity to experience a taste of freedom and fun. And for a growing number of Americans, it’s a chance to return to the educational sphere and improve their resume, making themselves more marketable employees in the process.

One thing is for certain: with such diverse opportunities and options available to students, enrollment in universities and colleges isn’t slowing down. Even smaller colleges and universities will see thousands of students walk their campus in a given school year. And every one of those students represents a different set of data and information, all of it needing to be properly protected.

This is why any college or university can benefit from outsourcing their document management systems to a company like Secure Record Solutions. Read on to learn about five ways working with Secure Record Solutions will make a difference for your college or university.

1. Security

Every industry or organization prioritizes security in the information age. Data is almost always the most valuable in-house resource, and protecting it is paramount. Colleges and universities are no exception. The reasons are simple: A data breach represents a loss in capital, used to repair the damage (often with steep costs incurred) and an erosion of public trust that can be even more harmful than the loss of capital. What’s more, students’ educational information is protected by FERPA guidelines, meaning there are legal ramifications to poorly protecting data. Colleges and universities thrive on public trust, and your college or university can ensure that their image remains untarnished by breaches through outsourcing to a professional document management service. Leaving your data storage, retrieval and destruction needs to the pros ensures it’s always in safe hands.

2. Improved Technology

In-house document management is possible for the smallest of companies. It’s not always an option, however, for the majority. The same goes for colleges and universities. With data and records tied to the academic careers of thousands, the best and newest technology for storage, retrieval and destruction is required. What’s more, when dealing with professional records storage businesses, you can rest assured that the technology they use is being maintained and updated at a state-of-the-art level. It’s hard enough creating your own in-house document management system, and keeping up-to-date with the required technology can become a serious hurdle. This concern is off the table when outsourcing to professionals.

3. Streamlined Space & Employees

As colleges and universities grow, every inch of storage on campus increases in value. Simply put, outsourcing all those folders, boxes and filing cabinets to another party will free up space that can be used for other purposes. What’s more, companies like Secure Record Solutions retain the ability to look up and share information with you in minutes, meaning employees who are otherwise burdened with the responsibility are free to distribute their time elsewhere. Life gets easier around campus when you shift to outsourcing your document storage and retrieval needs.

4. Customized Services

Perhaps the best thing about outsourcing your document storage and retrieval needs comes in the form of customized storage and retrieval services. For example, Secure Records Solutions offers a suite of options that can be tailored to best fit your college or university’s needs. There are plans available for a variety of volume and retrieval frequency requirements. What’s more, Secure Records Solutions offers shred truck services for onsite document destruction. If the job requires it, we’ll come to you.

5. Partnering for Growth

Growing colleges and universities can count on flexibility from their document management partners. As colleges and universities nationwide open their doors to a new generation of students, the possibilities for growth are endless. Whether you’re a large state university looking to open a satellite campus or a small vocational college welcoming record enrollment numbers, a partnership with a professional document management group can ensure you retain the flexibility and freedom to achieve new growth while maintaining consistent levels of security, storage capability and peace of mind.

As the world moves back to “normal,” and college and university enrollments surge, there’s never been a better time to partner with Secure Records Solutions for offsite document management, retrieval and destruction. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to learn about a plan that works best for your college or university.



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