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Document Shredding Tifton

Our Southwest Georgia shredding and hard drive destruction business has built a loyal following through our long history of shredding in Tifton. The longleaf pine and fields of cotton are home to us, too, so we understand what is important to folks around here. You'll see us downtown at the Tift Theatre for a live show, or at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center for continuing ed, at ABAC for the tractor pull or at Fulwood Park enjoying a picnic lunch on a Saturday afternoon. You can count on neighborly service when you call to talk about your organization’s confidential documents.

Compliance isn’t a commodity you can buy. We partner with our clients to create shredding solutions tailored to their needs, including ongoing training and process improvement to keep them up to speed on industry best practices.

We offer smart, efficient shredding and hard drive destruction solutions designed for unique compliance problems, with secure processes that exceed industry standards. That's why we have the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)'s AAA Gold Standard and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)'s GCIC Accreditation.

We control the whole process by emptying the contents of our clients' shred cabinets into a locking bin, unloading and destroying the contents under surveillance at our facility, and managing a direct relationship with our paper mill, where our shredded paper is recycled into tissue. We made the decision NOT to shred onsite when we heard the horror stories of financial institutions who had odd sized documents like checks and credit cards go through the shred truck blades unshredded, then ended up being dumped at a third party recycle plant for anyone to find.

Shredding in Tifton is our business. Since 2003 we’ve been local family owned and operated, and you get the benefit of better service because of it. Call Christopher or Powell to talk shredding anytime.

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