SRS Document Management Helps Financial Institutions Integrate Data for Seamless Mergers and Acquisitions


For any growing business, mergers and acquisitions can represent a lot of good things: Achieving growth as a company, gaining new customers and clients to serve, and securing a brighter future through growth towards new horizons. But moments like these also present challenges. Mergers and acquisitions mean expansion, and that will always mean more data to sort through and store securely. In the case of financial institutions like banks and credit unions, this detail is even more impactful. For these businesses, balancing meeting regulatory standards and maintaining uninterrupted service to all members or clients with a large-scale acquisition and the sorting of records and files presents a unique challenge. Luckily, Secure Records Solutions offers innovative and efficient solutions to the document management challenges that these institutions face.

At Secure Records Solutions, we offer industry-leading solutions to difficult document management jobs. A given merger or acquisition might mean reviewing and indexing hundreds of thousands of individual files – a difficult in-house task for even the best and brightest employees that can rob time from other valuable endeavors. SRS can handle any document management job from start to finish – in fact, some jobs begin with SRS employees travelling to our client’s location to pick up the files in person! At SRS, we’ve got the track record to prove our ability to handle large-scale document management projects. Examining a story of our experience with such a project will help explain why outsourcing your document management during an acquisition or merger is the best move, and why such a task is safe in our hands.

A Track Record of Creativity and Success

In 2015, we had the opportunity to assist a regional bank during a major acquisition that saw them faced with sorting through more than 800,000 new files. Though the bank was founded in 1971 right here in our own South Georgia backyard, by 2015, they had proudly grown to become a major financial institution throughout the Southeastern United States. But this acquisition presented them with a major challenge. Namely, they needed to index all of those new files as quickly and efficiently as possible, without seeing any interruption in their ability to perform services for their existing and new clients. Of course, during all of this, they had to maintain observance of all regulatory standards and complete data security.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges

SRS proposed a two-part solution to the challenges presented.

  • First, SRS picked up the records from the bank and immediately indexed them all to ensure the bank retained the ability to access any given record at any time during the document management project, preventing interruption of service for any of the bank’s clients. SRS’s ability to leverage its proprietary indexing process and dedicated employees meant that the bank’s clients could count on continuous, uninterrupted service during the duration of the acquisition.
  • Meanwhile, SRS built a totally secure, closed loop IT infrastructure for off-network scanning of all the records. Once all records were scanned, they were uploaded to high-capacity encrypted drives to be delivered to the bank’s IT personnel for integrating with their own records system. This method helped the bank achieve its goal with confidence in the safety and security of their newly acquired records throughout the process.
  • After completion, the bank was able to access any of their newly acquired records from the same database as their previously existing records, never losing any access to records during the process. This saved the bank time and resources that would’ve gone to a lengthy in-house indexing project, as well as the headaches that might’ve arisen over concerns of interrupted productivity, misplaced records or security issues.

The Right Solution for any Document Management Challenge

In short, integrating new records during an acquisition or merger shouldn’t have to mean times of stress or concern – after all, these moments represent exciting times for the present and future of your company, and prompt invigorating new challenges for your team. Partnering with Secure Records Solutions will ensure that you can handle the challenges of document management with little worry. Our innovative techniques, industry-leading technology and abilities, and total adherence to client satisfaction and complete data security mean we have a solution for whatever document management job your company might face. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to get started with your document management project.


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