Records Storage Solutions

Electronic inventory management system

Hard Copy Storage Solutions

We began storing hard copy records in 2003, a service we continue to provide in partnership with other initiatives, such as scan on demand delivery of files. We leverage state of the art security and dynamic filing systems to create storage efficiencies for clients of all sizes. Our commitment to this industry is the reason we have one of twelve seats on the board of directors of our international industry association, PRISM.

Firelock Electronic Media Vault

Media Vault Storage Solutions

We provide magnetic media and hard drive rotations for data center clients within 90 minutes of our Firelock Vault in Thomasville, Georgia – strategically located 35 miles further inland than Tallahassee, Florida. For disaster recovery purposes, serious database managers rotate a physical copy of their mission critical data offsite to mitigate the risk of losing access to local and virtual servers. We store microfilm, microfiche, medical slides, film, x-rays, LTO tapes, Hard Drives, CDs, and other sensitive media that require specific environmental controls.

Document and records storage and indexing

Indexing For Efficient Storage Solutions

We help clients identify the contents of their inventory so they have more control over what they should keep, what they should scan, and what should be destroyed. These projects generally lead to more efficient storage solutions, because so many records are kept for too long due to insufficient indexes. Our objective is to help our clients better manage their data so it is more valuable to them.

Asset Management, Secure Storage, Warehousing, Storage of Secure Assets, Inventory Storage, Warehousing

Asset Management Storage Solutions

We leverage the physical security and dynamic filing system of our state of the art facility to track and store specialized assets, while also managing the shipping/receiving of large orders for clients that have limited loading and inventory control capabilities. These storage solutions provide greater security and organization than office space or a rental warehouse. Recent examples include library inventories during construction projects and a collection of priceless archival assets for an organization preparing for a milestone anniversary. See our case-studies for more here.

Management Solutions

Secure Records Document
Management Solutions


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