Kari Johnson

Client Services Specialist

  • Southern Regional Technical College
  • Dale Carnegie Course
  • First Newark Baptist Church, Member

Meet Kari Johnson, SRS’s Client Services Specialist. Kari works in all aspects of client service, including scanning, scan-on-demand, and indexing. Kari brings extensive knowledge of our inventory management software. The client services team works hard behind the scenes to ensure clients’ needs are met in a timely fashion. In 2018, Kari was awarded the Allegiance Award for her unwavering dedication to SRS and our clients. A native of Thomasville, Kari graduated from TCCHS before attending Southern Regional Technical College. She has also attended Dale Carnegie Leadership courses.

Questions & Answers

My team and I strive to make our clients more efficient by providing quick access to their records.

My Granny: She showed everyone that no matter who you were that you can serve and help anyone in need. The love she showed to everyone was amazing to watch as she kept us growing up.

Being a manager has shown me that I can face the tough stuff daily, and the world will not end. I could not do this without my faith and the love of Jesus.