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Nothing marks the end of the tax season quite like a clean slate. Let us help you clear out the old and make way for a successful new year!

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1 Improve Access
Scanning solutions can help accountants access years of records with a few clicks. It's much to search a digital archive rather than sift through cabinets and storage closets of paperwork. It also allows anyone with permission to access information from anywhere, allowing accounting teams to collaborate more effectively.
2 Increase Efficiency
Rummaging through filing cabinets to find the documents you need is not only annoying, but also incredibly inefficient. Digitization allows an organization to get rid of physical documents that require resources to maintain. Better access reduces the time and effort to locate information, streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.
3 Save Space
Chances are, you're using a significant percentage of your office space for paper storage. Digitizing your documents frees up valuable space for other, more useful business purposes.
4 Enhance Security
Share files with the rest of your team with the click of a button. Provide instant and highly secured 24/7 access to your important documents from any physical location.
5 Environmentally Friendly
As an accountant, you may not be able to eliminate paper from your practice completely. However, reducing your reliance on paper brings your firm into the modern era, reducing the need to print documents for distribution. Digitizing now means creating protocols for paperless record-keeping in the future, ultimately saving natural resources and reducing emissions through minimized paper use. Digitization is better for processes, people and the planet!
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SRS helped us tackle a large document scanning project. We needed to digitize a significant amount of files in order to meet the new audit expectations. SRS went above and beyond to understand our needs and customize a solution to meet our timeline, budget, and security requirements.

Ivan C.
Chief Compliance Officer
Finance Industry