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Securely store business records with confidence. With our dynamic barcoding system and searchable database, you can make smarter decisions about your records and access what you need within minutes.
Storage services


Deep scanning expertise to make your digital transformation easy and affordable. Accelerate your business by going digital with better access and organization of your data.
Scanning services


Compliant shredding services tailored to the needs of your business. Whether one time or on a regular schedule, your confidential material is destroyed to the industry’s highest standards by our trained professionals.
Shredding services
Let Us Manage Your Documents,
So You Can Manage Your Business.

Organize Your Documents, Secure Your Business

Realize The Benefits Of Records Management
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  • Free up space
    Using office space to store paper is costly and inefficient. Our secure paper shredding and storage services enable you to dispose of documents or retain important records while freeing up valuable office space for revenue-generating activities.
  • Reduce expense
    When you evaluate labor costs, depreciation, storage space, and maintenance expenses, outsourcing shredding and records storage services saves considerable time and money.
  • Protect your business
    Safeguard your business from potential disasters caused by confidential document breaches. Beyond exposing customers and employees’ records to identity theft, your company may be subject to costly fines.

The SRS Way

Secure Records Solutions has been helping clients manage their confidential data since 2003.
We can help your business save time, free up resources, and improve your information security practices.

Fast & Efficient Service

Our team quickly responds to on-call needs

Legendary Client Experience

Taking care of you is our number one concern

NAID AAA and Privacy+ Certified

Keeps you compliant with all data protection regulations

Family-Owned Values

We treat our clients like family too
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Join Thousands of Happy Clients

“Working with SRS has given us a searchable and accessible database for our records. We’re able to actively manage our retention and gain so much more than just storage by working with a full-service firm.”

Bonnie B.
Law Firm

“Secure Records Solutions has been a complete solution for us. In the defense industry, security and compliance is mission critical. We trust SRS to handle the entire lifecycle of our records from document and media management to end of life destruction.”

Patrick H.
Aerospace & Defense Corporation

“SRS helped us tackle a large document scanning project. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, loan audits that were traditionally held in person went remote. Our bank needed to digitize a significant amount of loan files. SRS went above and beyond to understand our needs and customize a solution to meet our requirements.”

Ivan C.
Banking & Finance

“SRS offers a personalized level of service that is very different from our previous records management vendor. They helped us develop and execute a plan to exit an unfavorable situation and used the transition to implement a solution that gave us complete confidence in our strategy going forward.”

Amanda P.
Medical Device Manufacturer

“The Oncology department met our aggressive goal on time and under budget, without interrupting patient care. We wouldn’t have without the Secure Records Solutions team.”

Matthew C.
Rural Hospital

“We now have a HIPAA compliant solution that has automated the process of eliminating paper. We only pay to scan the files we need, as we need them, and have repurposed the storage space for clinical and administrative purposes.”

Dorian W.
Regional Health System

“SRS has helped 11 agencies throughout our county organize and secure records for 15 years.”

Twink M.
Municipal Government

“SRS helped us organize a project to remove and destroy 30 years of county records. Their team went above and beyond to help us get the project done!”

Paula G.
Municipal Government

“Secure Records Solutions has been a valuable partner in our agency. Through our collaboration, Clayton Center has been able to minimize many administrative functions that took time and personnel. Just one major area is packaging and mailing records requests.”

Aundria C.
Behavioral Health

“The primary benefit of working with SRS was that it forced our staff to go electronic, to embrace that theology.”

Angela H.
Behavioral Health

“Perhaps most importantly, we reduced our liability for a medical records breach in a rented warehouse that made us nervous.”

Rich G.
Behavioral Health

“We were fortunate to find SRS. They’ve helped us eliminate paper, at a fraction of the cost of scanning it all. They removed a huge volume of paper from our facilities and give us convenient digital access to charts in a timely manner.”

Heather H.

“With the help of Secure Records Solutions and their document management solution for our paper records, we feel prepared to take on the next 50 years serving southwest Georgia.”

Cliff K.
Law Firm

“We recovered 10,000 square feet, eliminated the liability of records that met their retention, and have a HIPAA compliant solution for storing and scanning the remainder at 20% of the cost to scan it all.”

Deborah R.
Regional Health System

“With such an expansive campus, we rely on SRS to handle our shredding needs in a compliant manner so our staff can focus on providing a vibrant learning experience for our student body.”

Jim P.
Higher Education

“SRS has solved a problem for our team that is much bigger than storage. They have developed, implemented, and automated a document management system across our network that gives me confidence we are compliant with our retention policy and ensures immediate access to critical records.”

Chad M.
Fortune 500 Company

Get Control of Your Documents

Have files in your office that need to be stored, scanned, or destroyed? SRS can help.

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