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The Healthcare Industry is one of the most highly regulated industries – for good reason! Think of all the personal health information (PHI) contained in a medical record, and the importance of having timely and secure access to that information to achieve optimal health outcomes. In a complex industry, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Location, type of medical service provided, and a patient’s age can all influence retention, or how long a record must be kept by the service provider.

With the privacy standards so high and the risks of non-compliance so steep – from fines levied by OCR to loss of licensure by accrediting bodies – it is essential for healthcare providers to partner with a medical records management company. 

Secure Records Solutions has 20 years of expertise in medical records management. We offer a range of services tailored for healthcare providers, including:

Secure, Convenient Shred Program

Is your staff overburdened with destroying sensitive documents and medical records that have met their retention? Consider using SRS’s AAA NAID-Certified scheduled shredding service to handle all your shredding needs. We also offer one-time purges for large-scale shred projects.

Medical Records Storage

Often scanning years of historical medical records is simply cost prohibitive, not to mention unnecessary. In fact, keeping medical records past their retention can make them discoverable in a lawsuit. Partner with our expert team to create a full-service document management system, including scanning, indexing, document storage, and scan-on-demand services, customized to meet your unique needs.
Document Management Solutions

EMR System Implementation

Sometimes healthcare providers need to digitize permanent or vital records/files during the implementation of a new Electronic Medical Record software. SRS offers EMR implementation services to practices and hospitals, utilizing a hybrid scanning and document management approach that maximizes efficiency and access to legacy records during these transitions.
Scanning services

Medical Records Custodianship

Just because you stop practicing medicine or your healthcare facility closes doesn’t mean your responsibility for patient records ends. Even after you close your medical practice or hospital, you are responsible for medical records requests and release of information services throughout the statutory retention period, which can last decades. Our sister business, Cariend, serves as a medical records custodian to remove the burden of managing records after a transition such as retirement, changes in ownership, or services offered. Our expert team can work with you to ensure your records are maintained according to the specific requirements of your organization, keeping you HIPAA compliant, ensuring continuity of patient care, and providing cost certainty.
Records Custodian Services
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HIPAA Compliant Solutions for Healthcare Organizations of Any Size

See how we’ve helped other hospitals and medical practices improve their document management
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Meridian Behavioral Health Care: 4,000 Boxes

Stuck between paper records and an EMR system, a Florida behavioral health system enlisted SRS to streamline their processes, free up space, and fully utilize their EMR system
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Southeast Health: 180,000 Files

SRS developed a document management solution that eliminated onsite management of 180,000 files for an Alabama hospital for 20% of the cost of scanning all the documents.

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