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Document and File Scanning

Scanning documents can improve the efficiency of an organization by making access to information easier, or it can create an unnecessary expense that only serves to convert a physical problem to a digital one.

The difference is approaching your record scanning initiative with a strategic plan before you make a buying decision. Our team can help you establish goals, plan your project, and execute it to solve your problem. We'll teach you the landscape of digital conversions and help you ask the right questions before you start spending money on something that doesn't solve your problem.

Implementing an EHR? We have helped healthcare providers all over Georgia and Florida implement EHR software by taking over the conversion of hardcopy records to save them money and time. See our case studies for a few examples.

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We have experience with Medical Records, Legal Discovery, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, and many more types of scanning projects. When clients ask us to help them scan all of their hard copy records, we can handle the project from beginning to end: prepping, scanning, indexing, and quality control.

We take time to understand our clients’ objectives and work to ensure the imaging project solves their problem on time and under budget. With superior experience, processes, technology, and scale, we can more efficiently digitize large volumes of hard copy records than most organizations can on their own. We offer backfile scanning in Dothan, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Tallahassee, Thomasville, Tifton, Albany, and Valdosta.


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We’ve developed a solution to more efficiently serve our clients around the country while cutting their cost of digitizing by 80%. It’s simple. You’ll never need most of your archival records. Why pay 5x more to scan what you’ll never need? Here's how we do it:

We conduct a survey to identify the types of records our clients manage, their unique retention and access requirements, and current storage arrangements. If we determine that their access needs score low, or the retention of their records is too short, we make the recommendation to only scan what they’ll need. We present our clients with a cashflow comparison of the two solutions for them to decide how to spend their money. We develop a unique solution to each problem – not sell the commodity of scanning, storage, or shredding. We’ll help you make a smart investment in your organization, not just throw money at the problem.