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If You Are On The Path To Paperless, We Can Show You The Best Route

Realize the benefits of digitization without getting lost along the way
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Improve Access

Document Scanning services can help your business access years of records in a few clicks. That sounds easier than sifting through cabinets and storage closets of paperwork, doesn’t it? Gain quick and secure 24/7 access to your files.
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Increase Efficiency

The average employee spends at least an hour each day searching for information. Reduce that time and effort from 60 minutes to 60 seconds with electronic documents. Streamline workflows and boost productivity.
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Save Space

What takes up more space: a room full of cabinets or a single hard drive? Or even better, a digital folder in the cloud. Digitizing saves valuable office space best used for revenue generating activities.

Why Secure Records Solutions Is The Best 
Choice For Document
Scanning Services

Deep scanning expertise to make your digital journey an easy one
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  • Security & Compliance
    Our secure scanning process adheres to the highest standards with PRISM Privacy+ and NAID AAA Certifications.
  • Customized Scanning Solutions
    Whatever you need to scan, we can help. Everything from microfilm to large format documents, we have a solution.
  • Exceptional Client Service
    We put our clients first. And guarantee all of our work so you get the results you expect, every time.
  • No Job is Too Big or Too Small
    We scan documents for small businesses and large corporations alike. Same level of service no matter your size.
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How It Works

Digitize your files in a few simple steps
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To begin, we’ll quantify and scope your scanning project. During this step, we’ll determine what documents you have, how often they are accessed and by whom. With this information, we’ll design a tailored solution to fit your needs.


Secure Transport

Our certified, expert team comes onsite to carefully box and securely transport your sensitive information. With our dynamic barcoding system, there is a secure chain-of-custody throughout the scanning process.


Document Preparation

Your files are carefully organized, staples and paperclips removed, corners straightened, and pages repaired. 


Document Scanning

Using our state-of-the-art high-speed scanners, our professionally trained specialists scan your documents and ensure the highest degree of quality control. 


Access Your Information

We’ll index the required information and securely transfer the images or upload the files to your system. That way, you’ll get the most value out of your records because you’ll know exactly what you have and how to easily access it.

Need to digitize your processes,
but budget constrained?


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We know from our experience storing documents that clients only access about 5% of what they have. Why pay to scan files you’ll never need?  

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Your paperless future is waiting.

Fuel your organization's success with information that is easy to access and ready to use. During our complimentary assessment, we'll guide you through the process, offer funding insights, and provide guidance for digital records management into the future.
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“I had crates and crates of old files that needed to be scanned and destroyed securely. The team at Secure Records Solutions did a fantastic job, carefully ordering the files, scanning them, and making sure to destroy the right files and keep others. Every single person I worked with there was great!”

Anne C.
Tallahassee, FL

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