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SRS Has Been A Trusted Partner For Your Document Management Needs.

Records management is where we started, but our philosophical foundation is problem-solving… hence the word “solutions” in our name.

Always Improving.

At Secure Records Solutions, we begin with the end in mind, helping you eliminate paper and supporting your organization’s digital transformation. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve gained valuable insights about how people access their information. We improve the way your company does business by making connections, solving problems, and creating sustainable document management solutions. 

SRS was founded in 2003 by W. Powell Jones to help businesses in North Florida and South Georgia improve their records information management (RIM) practices through secure records storage.
Powell’s son Christopher Jones joined SRS in 2011 during a time when the industry was experiencing a major shift. The paper-to-digital revolution compounded with a maturing industry left the business of storing paper records at risk.
In response, Christopher and Powell led the organization through a big pivot, like rebuilding the plane at 30,000 feet, because they were committed to the business and the jobs it had created.
By talking with clients about what they needed, Christopher saw opportunities to expand and grow the business into many new service lines including shredding, recycling, scanning, and document management consulting. Instead of storing paper records, the company shifted its focus to helping clients successfully transition to paperless.
As clients’ needs have grown and technology has allowed, SRS has grown 10-fold to serve 1,600 clients in 49 states with a team of 50 people.
In 2023, SRS celebrated 20 years in business and Christopher Jones was announced as President and CEO.
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Board Member (2016-2023) & Past President (2018-2020)

The SRS Way

While the SRS story began 20 years ago, our company’s history of family business is much greater.  When we give tours to clients, we begin in front of murals of past Jones family businesses and share stories of the values we remember them for. We still debate the details of the origin of the Powell Candy Company 100 years ago, the result of a bad investment in sugar. Through it, Powell’s grandfather and Christopher’s great grandfather, WJ Powell, modeled what it means to honor your commitments first, and to have faith there is always a solution.

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We remember Powell’s father (Christopher’s grandfather), Harry Jones, for his honesty and generosity of spirit. He shared these values with his sons at the WJ Powell Company while trading truckloads of produce with farmers across the country. We end our tours in the conference room dedicated to the women of the Jones family who have “made significant contributions to the family businesses and their communities…[by] reaching out, lifting up, and bringing together.” 

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Powell Candy Manufacturing Co. 203 Oak Street 1937 81.22.519 copy

Seven businesses and over 100 years later, the “family business” isn’t defined by shares in a company, or revenue by service type, but by the values passed down between generations.  And what better vehicle to do that with than a business? Industries change and businesses come and go – we imagine that will continue to be true.  But the values remain the same. They are passed down through actions that become stories and accumulate to create a legacy that lives on long after the people who built it are gone. 

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We’re thankful for the legacy we’ve inherited at SRS and humbled by the opportunity to shape it through the platform that is our business. We hope you’ll experience those same values in action today – honesty, integrity, innovation, problem solving, faith, generosity – and for many generations to come.

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Reading Rally with Malcolm Mitchell
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Our purpose is greater than scanning, shredding, and storing paper – although we do all of those things. Our mission is to improve the lives of others, and no matter what business we’re in, that is The SRS Way. 

Putting Culture First.

Our culture is rooted in our values, which define who we are as an organization. Founded on Judeo-Christian principles, we are guided by four core values:
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  • Improvement
    We believe in effecting positive change in everything we do.
  • Innovation
    We believe old problems need new thinking.
  • Implementation
    We believe creative ideas are just the beginning.
  • Integrity
    We believe the how matters more than the what.
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Here’s To 20 Years Of Innovation… And Looking Ahead To Many More.

Our natural response to big problems is to look for big solutions, but the fact is, big change rarely happens all at once in a stroke of genius. It typically happens one small innovation at a time.

That has been true of our success over the last 20 years and the thousands of hours we’ve spent serving clients. With a commitment to continuous improvement, whatever measurable success we’ve had is the result of hundreds of small innovations that have compounded to transform our company.

That reality has created a culture of problem solving within our organization. Our team is never satisfied with the way we’ve always done things. What we’ve learned along the way is that we really enjoy working together to solve complex problems. And we’re just getting started – in our industry and beyond.

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We’re More Excited Than Ever About The Future At SRS.

Follow the links below to learn more about the SRS team, or how you can be a part of our story.
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Still Curious?

After 20 years of doing this, it’s still cool to see the lightbulb go off when clients and colleagues tour our facility. We’d love to experience that lightbulb moment with you.  

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