Investment Approach

The Jones family started doing business in South Georgia four generations ago, trading produce. Many businesses have come and gone across the ensuing century. Some started from scratch, others were purchased or partnered in, and more grew out of an existing business in the form of service lines that became their own going concerns. These business interests have spanned a variety of industries, and their success and failure can be measured in many ways.

Twelve years ago, Christopher was offered the opportunity to join his father Powell at Secure Records Solutions. Powell grew up working with his brother, father, and grandfather at the WJ Powell Company. One thing we’ve learned is that entrepreneurship isn’t the swashbuckling of starting and exiting a business, or 40 years of “making a living.” It’s a life built around a mission.

We’re passionate about that mission. We measure our progress by the impact we have on the lives of others – our team, our clients, and the communities we work in. And as our team and clientele grow, we want to spread this mission to other industries, with new clients and team members, while remaining focused on the communities we live and work in now.

Over the years, SRS has partnered with many entrepreneurs who were ready to sell their businesses. For all six of our acquisitions, each owner had their own reason for selling and needs in a transition. Some of these reasons included a desire to simplify and refocus on their core business lines. Other reasons included health and changing seasons in life or the need for additional investments required to continue growing. We’ve worked with both owners that wanted to move on and those that wanted to have continued involvement. We approach these conversations respectfully with the desire to help owner-operators create a succession plan that meets their time horizon and financial needs while giving them confidence that their legacy will continue when they are ready to move on.

We are interested in talking with owner-operators who know their business has further to go, but don’t have the resources to get it there. We can provide capital, management talent, sales, marketing, client services, and logistics depth to take a company to the next level, while keeping the legacy the original owner built intact.

If you or someone you know is interested in exploring a transition in a business that meets these criteria, we’d love to start the conversation. We understand your life’s work is significant and personal. Know with any conversation there is no commitment and complete confidentiality. We invite you to reach out to Christopher personally if you’d like to discuss.

We Invest In Private Companies That Meet The Following Criteria:

  • 1

    Durable, steady businesses

    We aren’t going anywhere, and therefore want businesses that will be around a long time, not the hottest trend that will be big this year and gone in the next. 
  • 2

    No “vice” industries or services

    We don’t want to abuse common resources for our own gain. We are interested in businesses that have a positive impact on the environment and improve the lives of others.
  • 3

    Recurring, Business-to-Business revenue mix

    We want the opportunity to build long term relationships serving other businesses. 
  • 4

    Quality and service focused

    We are solutions oriented and want to differentiate ourselves based on our creativity in problem solving, not price.
  • What Makes Us Different?

  • 1

    We are values driven

    We are guided by our Christian faith and a commitment to family. We value integrity above all, and that is evident in the way we conduct ourselves in business and in our personal lives.  
  • 2

    We are poised to grow

    Our existing Management team capacity is scalable, and we have additional bench resources that can expand an existing business beyond its current measure. 
  • 3

    We think differently

    Unlike traditional private equity companies, we work with business owners to create exit plans that are designed to meet their financial needs with terms that honor their values. 
  • 4

    We seek to make an impact

    For over 100 years, the Powell and Jones families have been committed to their communities – creating jobs and livelihoods for thousands of people in the process.  
  • What Makes You Different?

  • 1

    You care about what matters most

    The future of your employees, customers, vendors, and community is as important as the financial transaction.
  • 2

    You want to transition your business to people you can trust

    To steward the relationships you’ve developed and continue the legacy you’ve built. 
  • 3

    You think long term

    And want your business to be part of something bigger, a platform of businesses that make an impact on the lives of its stakeholders.
  • 4

    You believe your business can continue to grow

    You’ve built something durable, but with added capacity, people, and technology, you can see this is just the beginning.
  • Regardless of the criteria, if that describes you, get in touch. In many cases, we aren’t the right fit, but we want to help you find it. We’ll share our experience to guide you on what you can expect and leverage our network to introduce you to a buyer who can meet your needs.

    Don’t Take Our Word For It

    “I’m excited and proud to see the next chapter in the business I founded 25 years ago. SRS has gone above and beyond to learn the business and our clients’ needs. Their litigation support business is well positioned to meet the needs of the Legal Community for the next 25 years.”

    Laura Scott-Dorsch
    Founder, Legally Copied

    “As a business owner approaching retirement, I wanted to take some chips off the table and spend more time on the river with my wife. But I wanted to know my clients would be taken care of and to continue working in some capacity. Partnering with SRS was one of the best decisions of my career. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the SRS team and having the flexibility to go fishing when I feel like it.”

    Jeffery Hayes
    Founder, Shred EZ