Scan on Demand

"We now have a HIPAA compliant solution that has automated the process of eliminating paper. We only pay to scan the files we need, as we need them, and have repurposed the storage space for clinical and administrative purposes."

Dorian W., Director of Support Services, Tifton, GA

Scan on Demand

What is scan on demand? Scan on demand is a critical component of the Secure Records Solutions comprehensive document management solution. The thought for many companies is “scan it all;” however, this is expensive, time consuming, and, ultimately, unnecessary. In fact, most clients never have to access up to 95% of their stored documents. So why pay to scan files they’ll never need? The cost of a document management solution with a scan on demand component is oftentimes about 90% less than the cost to scanning everything.

Benefits of Scan on Demand

In our years of experience, we have found that scanning everything is not always necessary.

  1. It saves money. Scanning everything is extremely labor intensive and time consuming, which boils down to expensive. And it’s oftentimes unnecessary.
  2. It saves time. By first going through our indexing process, you will only scan what you need. What’s more, we will oftentimes find records that have met their retention and can therefore be destroyed, lowering your cost even more.
  3. You’ll know what you have. The indexing process means you will have a meticulous inventory of everything, right down to the metadata level for each box.
  4. We’ll advise on the best course forward. We provide a database of inventory with recommendations on what to shred or scan and how long the remaining boxes should be stored. What’s more, our digital access system allows you to view inventory. Our Client Services Manager Roy James or another associate will guide you through our recommendations based on years of experience.
  5. You’ll have access to your records when you need them. We can find the files clients need within minutes, using advanced barcoding technology and our dynamic filing system. Our “Scan-on-Demand” service makes it easy. We’ll pull the document, scan it, and get it to the client within 30 minutes in a secure manner. If clients need an entire box, we’ll handle all the logistics, so they receive it without delay.
  6. It keeps companies compliant. Retention policies vary greatly across industries, and even by state. It’s a complex subject, but one that is extremely important to get right. We work with clients to understand, and, if necessary, create retention policies that meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Our goal is always to create a total scanning solution that’s precisely tailored to satisfy each organization’s needs and budget constraints. Whether that’s a full scan job or a more comprehensive and tailored document management solution, we’re here to help clients create the most value from their documents.


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