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Secure Records Solutions is a family-owned business built around Christian principles. Since W. Powell Jones founded SRS in 2003, our mission has always been to improve the lives of others. Records management is where we started, but our philosophical foundation is in problem solving.

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We are dedicated to creating individualized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Over 20 years, we’ve developed many new service areas by listening to clients and thinking creatively about what a real solution looks like. As clients’ needs have grown, so has our team.

Christopher Jones joined his father, Powell, in 2011; together, they own and operate the business. Today, SRS has a diverse team of people all united around the common cause of solving problems and improving lives. We emphasize creativity and innovative thinking to help clients increase the value of their information.
Christopher P. Jones Img

Christopher P. Jones

Chief Problem Solver
W. Powell Jones Img

W. Powell Jones

Chief Secret Keeper
Brett Barclay Card Image

Brett Barclay

Operations Manager
Paige A. Brand Img

Paige A. Brand

Client Care Coordinator 
Amber Bryant Img

Amber Bryant

Client Services Coordinator
Rainey Campbell Card Image

Rainey Campbell

Chief of Staff
Tyler Casteel Card Image

Tyler Casteel

Client Operations Coordinator
Crystal Crawford Img

Crystal Crawford

Legal Services Coordinator
Roy James Image

Roy James

Client Services Manager
Huckleberry Jones Img

Huckleberry Jones

Human Resources Manager
Travis Moss Img

Travis Moss

Solutions Manager
Lisa Leabo Img

Lisa Leabo

Business Manager
Danyell Williams Img

Danyell Williams 

Lead Scanning Associate
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