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Questions & Answers

Why did you choose to work at SRS?

At SRS, everyone treats you like family. I also like being a problem solver for clients and talking and working with them every day.

How does the work you do make a difference?

I feel like I’m the glue between client services and operations. There is a lot of coordination between these two teams, and I stay very busy scheduling clients and ensuring both teams know when things are coming in and going out! It’s very hectic and sometimes makes it hard to take a day off, but I enjoy being that liaison.

Where are you likely to be found when not working?

In my garden. I grow vegetables and fruits. The watermelon should be particularly good this summer!

Tyler Casteel

Client Operations Coordinator

Meet Tyler Casteel. As Client Operations Coordinator, Tyler is the conduit between sales, client service and operations. All new clients will interact with Tyler when they begin their relationship with SRS. He schedules routes, pickups and purges and ensures our drivers have everything they need to deliver superior service. Prior to joining SRS, Tyler worked as an EMT and Certified Nursing Assistant. In 2018, Tyler was the recipient of “The Shield” award, the highest honour given at SRS. Voted on by his peers, this award is given to the team member who most fully represents SRS’s core values, focuses on the client, steps up to challenges, shows initiative and takes ownership of everything he does.

Extracurricular activities
The Shield Award

SRS (2018)

Habitat for Humanity