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SRS facilitates seamless vendor transitions and document management contract buy-outs

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Strategic Document Storage Services Tailored To You

At Secure Records Solutions, we think differently.
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We help you understand what you have, and the most efficient means of automating retention and access.

While every relationship is customized, we typically begin with consulting on the transition that results in a move designed to get you out of a tough situation while helping you understand what you have and what you are required to do with it. Often, we can reduce your monthly spend, optimize your inventory by destroying records that are eligible, automate retention of the records that remain, and provide fast digital access to files as you need them until the day that all records meet their retention.

How to Identify a Bad Contract Situation

Experiencing inferior records storage service, but not sure if your vendor relationship is worth moving? Ask yourself the following questions: 

national contract
Has a national company recently purchased your document storage contract?
increased cost
Have your records storage rates increased dramatically – both storage and the cost to permanently remove records?
convenient destruction
Do you have files eligible for destruction, but lack enough information to make decisions about your inventory?
fast digital access
Do you have fast digital access to any given file in offsite records storage?

Seamless Vendor Moves

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Centralize your offsite records storage solution with improved access and reduced risk.

Secure Records Solutions provides a superior experience, giving you full access to your information and enabling you to make strategic decisions about your records going forward. If your current vendor is holding your information hostage, we provide options that allow you to easily transition out of your existing contract and receive the better service you deserve, including contract negotiation support and financing to absorb the upfront cost of getting out of a bad contract.

Why Secure Records Solutions Is The Best
Choice for Document Storage Services

Our goal is to help you understand what you have, automate retention, and provide fast digital access
when you need a file
  • Streamlined Service
    We give you a single contract and point of contact for managing records across your footprint.
  • White Glove Transfer
    We coordinate the transition with your current document storage vendor, minimizing your team’s involvement.
  • PRISM Privacy+ Certified

     We know how important information security is to you, and have voluntarily pursued the toughest certifications.

  • Fast Digital Access
    You can manage the entire process from your computer, or talk to a familiar voice who will make records access the easiest part of your day.

How It Works

We help organizations nationwide improve the way they manage their records through the entire document lifecycle
people talking at the desk illustrationProject CustomizationHow It Works 0008 Scanning Secure TransportationHow It Works 0006 Scanning Document PreparationRetention management ExecutionDM Digital AccessSecure Destruction

Initial Assessment

We begin with a conversation to understand the way you interact with your records, and your goals for improvement.


Project Customization

We design a conversion project to meet your objectives in the most efficient way possible.


Records Transfer

We gather records from the current formats, both paper and digital.


Inventory Optimization

We sort and index your records to optimize retention and digital access, find lost files, cut years off of your retention, organize records by department, and recommend which records should be digitized or shredded.


Ongoing Management

We store and manage your records through the statutory retention period.


Digital Access

When you need a file, we provide fast digital access – typically within an hour.


Secure Destruction

When your documents meet their retention, we notify you, and with your approval, we destroy your documents and provide a Certificate of Destruction.

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“SRS offers a personalized level of service that is very different from our previous records management vendor. They helped us develop and execute a plan to exit an unfavorable situation and used the transition to implement a solution that gave us complete confidence in our national document management strategy going forward.”

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Quality Management
Belgrade, MT

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