Why Quality Control Matters for Document Scanning Services

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April 1, 2024

Document scanning services may seem simple. But document management pros know that it’s much more complex than just pressing a button and saving a file. Experience tells us that insufficiently digitized documents can result in significant and often permanent challenges. This underscores the importance of a rigorous quality assurance regimen throughout the entire digitization endeavor.

Quality assurance is pivotal for a successful document scanning project. Absent continuous quality verification, the resultant digital copies might be inadequate. Quality assurance should be undertaken during or right after the digitization, especially when the primary materials are still accessible for possible digitization.

Quality Document Scanning Services: A Pro’s Eye View

Dimension: Tailoring your document scanning projects to fit your digital requirements is key. This prevents excessive file sizes that waste storage, but still ensures adequacy for the intended use. Experts in digitization grasp how PPI (Pixels Per Inch) impact the file’s dimension and clarity, as well as the optimal settings for specific needs.

Occasionally, a monochromatic representation of a color document suffices. If bulk digitization is the need, an inappropriate PPI can greatly affect storage demands.

Caliber: Using high-grade scanners is essential for top-notch reproduction of your documents or pictures. Subpar scans might render the images or text unsuitable for their future purposes. Once an image is of low quality or resolution, enhancement is impossible. If the primary document gets lost or degrades post-digitization, this poses a significant issue.

Volume: It’s crucial to ensure that the count of digitized files matches the original documents. An omitted file could jeopardize the project’s completion. If original documents are kept post-digitization, verifying the digitized versions against them is indispensable. Overlooking any document can lead to regulatory non-compliance.

Advantages of Delegating Digitization Tasks Infrastructure


Top-tier digitization tools come at a steep price. Contracting a specialized digitization service allows you access to premier equipment without the burdens of procurement, maintenance, or renewal.

Personnel: Digitization firms employ seasoned experts, ensuring optimal results. Regardless of the tools at your disposal, without trained personnel, the output might be substandard.

Archiving: Opt for a comprehensive data management entity that offers both document scanning services and secure storage solutions, granting you round-the-clock access through prompt deliveries or on-the-spot digitization.

Economics: Over time, hasty digitization might prove more expensive than anticipated, considering both equipment costs and labor. The expense of dedicating in-house resources might outweigh that of contracting experts. Criteria for Selecting a Digitization Service Beyond the technical aspects of digitization, assess a firm’s holistic approach, from receipt of your documents to their digitization and return. Ensure their process meets your standards, and that your materials remain intact and are digitized as per your directives.

Find Your Ideal Document Scanning Services Program

At Secure Records Solutions, we know the ins and outs of large scale digitization and document scanning projects first hand. We proudly digitize records and other items across a variety of sizes and formats for business, governmental offices, and organizations across the United States and Canada. Through serving our clients, we’ve learned how important flexibility and tailored solutions are when it comes to best meeting client digitization needs.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of data management solutions, inclusive of cutting-edge digitization services, catering to clients across the United States. Contact us today to see how we can facilitate your next digitization project.

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