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Financial Records Management for Banks and Firms

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The average worker in the financial sector generates over two pounds of paper per day. That’s 25% more than the average general office worker. Given the nature of work for many financial firms and CPA offices, much of that waste contains sensitive client information, including social security numbers, account information, W9s, K1s, and other tax forms. Wouldn’t it be nice to partner with a financial services document management firm that can help you discharge your fiduciary duty to your clients, meet your industry’s stringent regulatory requirements, and reduce your office’s overall carbon footprint?

Secure Records Solutions works with a variety of financial institutions to meet their document management needs.

Secure Shred Program

From account numbers and balances to last wills & testaments, financial firms are entrusted with extremely sensitive client data. It’s imperative that firms establish a shredding program to comply with regulatory requirements and avoid sanctions or fines. Firms that attempt to manage this internally retain significant and unnecessary risk.

Document Storage

Financial firms are often located in the heart of a community – where office space is at a premium. How many square feet of your Class A office space are taken up with records rarely accessed until they meet retention? By outsourcing your secure document storage needs to SRS, we will actively manage them, destroying documents every month as they meet their retention. Outsourcing financial records management can save thousands in monthly administrative cost.

Storage Solutions

Document Management

The indirect costs associated with a finance or CPA firm acting as its own financial document management solution are shockingly high. Indexing and customized document management solutions are far more efficient than scanning every single file. What’s more, team members will no longer spend time poring over old files to find the ones they need. Instead, they can reclaim their time for revenue generating activities.
Document Storage Solutions

Digital Conversion

According to experts, the environment is ripe for bank mergers and acquisitions due to the increasing cost of regulations. We have managed several bank merger projects to undertake the extremely important conversion of the acquired banks’ records inventory, ensuring a smooth transition for clients and staff.

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Why Clients in the Financial Industry Choose SRS

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Regulatory Compliance for 55,000 Members

A credit union with 12 branch locations and 55,000 members realized during a renovation of their corporate office, they needed a more secure process for managing sensitive client data. Download the case study to find out how SRS created a solution that met their immediate need to more securely maintain records and free up valuable office space.
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Integrating Records During an Acquisition

A regional bank with 200 locations throughout the Southeast needed support integrating records of a newly acquired bank. SRS indexed the inventory to give their team immediate access to the records during the acquisition, then scanned 1 million images into their existing electronic content management system.

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