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“We Do Not Inherit The Earth From Our Ancestors, We Borrow It From Our Children.”

Native American Proverb
At Secure Records Solutions, we understand our clients care about the sustainability of the solutions we provide. For us, sustainability is not a catch phrase. It’s an expression of who we are. Every day we work to improve the lives of others, while providing sustainable document management solutions. Sustainability is not only a focus at SRS, but a personal goal for the Jones family highlighted by their commitment to preserving thousands of acres of privately held timber habitat in Thomas, Grady, Brooks, and Leon counties. As an organization and a family, we believe it’s our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations.
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An obvious measure of our focus on sustainability is our recycling program – through which we recycle millions of pounds of shredded paper, cardboard, and electronics each year. In 2023, SRS recycled 4.1 million pounds of paper. That equates to:
Saved Trees
saved trees
Cubic Yards of Landfill Space
Cubic Yards of Landfill Space
Gallons of Oil
Gallons of Oil
Gallons of Water
Gallons of Water
Kilowatts of Energy
Kilowatts of Energy
Recycling from our shredding program is only one component of our focus on sustainability. Over the next 10 years we are committed to:
sustainability icons energy

Energy neutrality of our
plant operations

by investing in energy-efficient upgrades and advising our clients on the most efficient solutions available.
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Creating carbon credits
for our clients

by extending energy neutrality not only through recycled paper, but the planting of trees in partnership with our sister-entity, Windy Ridge Longleaf.
sustainability icons fleet

Implementing sustainable
fleet management practices

aimed at reducing environmental impacts through a combination of cleaner vehicles and fuels, and fuel-efficient driving practices related to idling and routing.
Be sure to check out our previous sustainability reports and keep a lookout for our next release in April, to coincide with Earth Month each year:
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“Our commitment to this business is closely related to our love of Thomasville, which begins with the land. Therefore, we are efficient in the way we use the earth’s limited resources. We eliminate waste, re-use whenever possible, and recycle everything that can be. Our shredding business recycles millions of pounds of paper, cardboard, and electronics for clients annually. As a family, we sow our resources back into the land by growing forests of trees in Thomas, Brooks, and Grady counties. Success will ultimately be measured by our ability to conserve this natural habitat for generations to come.”

Christopher Jones
President & CEO
Secure Records Solutions

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