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Today’s educators are tasked with the essential job of training and guiding the next generation. Meanwhile, regulations have continued to grow, creating headaches for teachers and administrators alike. Our vast array of services – from regular shred programs to scanning and archiving historic records and building plans – helps educators get out of the paperwork and back into the classroom. Secure Records Solutions provides Education document management solutions to city and county school systems, private schools, and universities. We can scale our solutions to fit the needs of small private schools to universities with tens of thousands of students.

Scalable solutions for all education sector document management needs.

Secure, Convenient Shred Program

Faced with having to trek across campus to properly dispose of files, some faculty, staff, substitute teachers, administrators, etc. may choose to throw files away, risking students’ confidential information. Our regular shredding program comes with secure bins placed in multiple locations across campus and our uniformed, trained staff will handle the pick-ups and destruction, all for a nominal cost, making it easy for teachers and staff members to securely discard records. In terms of protecting student information, this is the lowest hanging fruit and something all school systems should implement right away.

Document Management

Our region is no stranger to natural disasters, from hurricanes to tornadoes. When a devastating storm comes through, physical records stored onsite could be at risk of being damaged or destroyed. Scanning all physical records can be a very costly solution. We create a customized, blended approach of paper and digital solutions for school systems. For files that need to be kept but are rarely accessed, we index and store records in our secure facility and destroy them when retention standards allow. This hybrid approach is the best blend for most school systems looking to deal with their records in a cost-effective manner.
Records Management Services

Scanning Projects

We have worked with colleges and universities across the Southeast on scanning projects, ranging from blueprints and CAD drawings to permanent records or archival items such as athletic files and historic admissions records. We guarantee our work and ensure that our scanning is the highest and best quality to preserve these important pieces of a school’s history for generations to come.
Scanning Services

IT Asset Storage

There has been a rising number of hacks on educational institutions. Educational institutions create a perfect storm of vulnerability for these hackers. If a six- or seven- figure cybersecurity solution isn’t currently in your budget, it may be best to first figure out how to mitigate the damage of an attack. One service that we provide is to digitize processes, adopt document management software, and store a backup of IT assets offsite. In the event of a data breach, we could have your backups to you within hours so you can get your school system back online.
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Hundreds of Acres, One Shredding Solution

One Georgia university, with a campus spanning hundreds of acres, struggled to find an efficient shredding solution. Click to download the case study to find out how SRS created a solution that covered its vast campus and met its stringent compliance requirements.
Florida State University

A Storied History Preserved

A university athletics department had 70+ years of archival records preserving the history of many famous coaches and athletes. Click to download the case study to find out how SRS created a scanning solution that allowed them to free up space in their facilities without losing the history of 14 National and 78 ACC team championships.

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