Document Shredding: The Perfect Way to End the School Year

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When the last school bell rings in May, students rejoice – summer is finally here. But educators and school administrators know, however, that their work is only just beginning. Summer offers some of the most productive time for those behind-the-scenes projects best completed while students are off on vacation. Schools, universities and other academic institutions are responsible for a host of different records, and those records can add up. Summer is an ideal time to partner with Secure Records Solutions for clean-outs and purges of those old files and records.

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At SRS, we offer a variety of options for cleaning, purging files, and keeping records organized after an initial clean-out. The best way to implement a document destruction plan is in regularly scheduled intervals. Starting with an annual or one-time clean-out followed by regular, scheduled shredding services. Summer vacation is the perfect time for a major purge project. It will help you start your new scheduled shredding service – and new school year – off on the right foot.

After a summer clean-out, subsequent, regularly scheduled shredding services will then ensure that no messes build back up. This helps your school get organized and stay that way. Since Secure Records Solutions offers a versatile suite of shredding services and technology that help us tailor plans to individual client needs, you can rest assured that the plan you’re getting from us is the right one for your school. Our flexibility also means that when your shredding demands change, your shredding plan can change to better meet those needs.

Available services include: one-time purge services for extensive “records catastrophes” or more routine onsite and offsite shredding services for scheduled shredding appointments. For daily use, we offer three different sizes of shred containers. These can be placed in various locations throughout your school for convenient, immediate shredding of individual records and papers.

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Within all these potential options available, there’s a shred plan that best fits your school. As always, when you partner with Secure Record Solutions, our NAID-AAA certification and industry-leading dedication to data security means your sensitive information never falls into the wrong hands. We also proudly recycle 100% of the records we destroy – our effort to ensure that good records destruction practices can be good for our planet as well.

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to start a new document destruction plan that will help start the 2022-2023 school year off on the right foot. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to learn more about a tailored shredding plan for your school.


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