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Questions & Answers

What are the big issues that SRS and companies like it need to solve to truly benefit the parties they serve?

Problem solving, with a focus on customer experience. Secure Records Solutions does an amazing job solving even the most complicated of problems. Each employee has unique assets that help this company thrive in being able to overcome all challenges, big or small. I believe the team at SRS has top tier customer service skills and understands how important its customers are. It’s nice for customers to call a company and still get a real person answering the phones.

What was your best business decision?

My toughest business decision and best business decision run hand in hand. While it meant choosing not to further my career as a paralegal, I was given the opportunity to lead a division of Secure Records Solutions where I am able to provide trial/case support for law firms. Ultimately, I chose to work for Secure Records Solutions, and it was the best business decision I’ve made. It allows me to still utilize my legal skills, and it allows our clients in the legal space to lean on me and my team for printing, scanning, and trial boards while they focus on preparing their cases. My hard work and loyalty are valued and appreciated, and they make sure to let me know it every day. I couldn’t ask for a better company to work for.

Who were your heroes growing up and how did they influence your life and career?

My dad, Brian Stockstill. My dad is my hero for his unfailing integrity, strong work ethic, and the steady, balanced way he lives his life. He never stops and will go to the ends of the earth for the people he cares about, and even for those he doesn’t know! He has always instilled in me a willingness to work hard for what I want and to never stop going even when the going gets tough. Fun Fact: In 1 st grade for “Dress as Your Hero Day”, I dressed up like my dad and got pretty close to his uniform! He has always been (and still is) the one I look up to, and I’ll always strive to be as successful in life and in my career as he has been and continues to be in his.

Where are you likely to be found when not working?

Out fishing or spending time with my family and dogs.

Crystal Crawford

Legal Services Coordinator

Crystal Stockstill Crawford is SRS’s Legal Services Coordinator. While Crystal’s experience in document management equips her with a variety of skills to serve clients, she truly shines when assisting on legal services-based projects. Crystal’s years of experience as a paralegal give her an industry insider’s knowledge and dexterity in navigating projects unique to legal services clients. Crystal pairs this experience with a dedication to hard work and serving others to deliver the best in customer service.

Thomas County Central High School
  • Graduate
Professional affiliations & awards
  • SRS Spirit Award – Dec 2021 & November 2022