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Questions & Answers

What was your best business decision?

As a puppy, I hired Christopher to drive me home, and we’ve been inseparable since.

Where is the most exotic place you have ever been?

I’ve been to the beach and the mountains, and couldn’t tell you which I prefer. I remember most places by their smells, and the most exotic smells I like to roll in so I (and my human counterparts) can’t forget them until my next bath.

What is the toughest business decision you’ve faced?

Do I stay home and play with the girls, or do I hop in Christopher’s car and go to work?

Where are you likely to be found when not working?

On my back, snoring, in the middle of most meetings at SRS.

Huckleberry Jones

Human Resources Manager

Huckleberry Jones, better known as Huck, is SRS’s Human Resources Manager. Huck is friendly and outgoing, always happy to greet any and all SRS visitors. He immediately lowers the average blood pressure in any room. Huck is occasionally caught stealing someone’s seat, leaving a little dog hair on the furniture, snoring through important meetings, or sniffing out a team member’s breakfast. We overlook these quirks because the value he adds to our team is absolutely priceless. When he isn’t at the office greeting visitors and providing emotional support for the SRS Team, Huck enjoys spending time outside retrieving, playing with his sisters Sophie and Summer, and finding his own fun.

Flunked out of the Kinchafoonee Kennels obedience school and has never looked back
Extracurricular activities
Spending time outside, particularly swimming and rolling in things with a complex aroma.
Retrieving and fetching anything you can throw.
Finding his own chew toy, partial to expensive leather shoes.
Big brother to Sophie and Summer, Christopher’s daughters.
Twin to Gracie, Powell’s English Cocker Spaniel.