Christopher P. Jones

Owner, COO and Chief Problem Solver

Christopher Powell Jones
  • BA, University of Georgia
  • I-SIGMA, President
  • Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership (IGEL), Member
  • Camp Piney Woods, Board Member and President
  • First Presbyterian Church, Member
  • Life Connectors, Mentor
  • Thomasville Center for the Arts (TCA), Board Secretary, Event Chair
  • Thomas County Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors
  • Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, Member
  • Young Gamechangers
  • Community Human Service Partnership (Past)
  • Leadership Tallahassee, Board of Governors (Past)
  • Thomasville YMCA, Board Member (Past)

Christopher Jones has always loved puzzles. As Chief Problem Solver at Secure Records Solutions, Christopher has developed a reputation for solving increasingly complex problems on a grand scale. Since joining his father, Powell, in 2011, Christopher has built upon the original vision of SRS to include a variety of service offerings. His specialties include management consulting, electronic content management software conversions, and business process outsourcing related to records management, document scanning, and shredding for 700+ clients operating in 48 states and abroad. Christopher’s love of puzzles expands to his industry and philanthropic work as well. In 2018, Christopher was elected president of PRISM International where he completed a successful merger with NAID to form I-SIGMA. He is now serving a two-year term as co-President of I-SIGMA. Christopher is also a member of IGEL, the Institute for Georgia Environmental Leadership, a program dedicated to creating more sustainable practices and solving environmental challenges within the state of Georgia.

He is also an active member of First Presbyterian Church, and a board member of the Thomasville Center for the Arts. Christopher is an alumnus of the University of Georgia. He lives in Thomasville with his wife, Betsy, daughter, Sophie, and English cocker spaniel, Huckleberry.

Questions & Answers

When SRS opened its doors 16 years ago, the industry was experiencing healthy organic growth. Over the past several years, however, document storage has stagnated or decreased. This is why SRS has pivoted from storing and shredding records to helping clients figure out what to store, what to shred, and how to go paperless for the future. We believe we’re able to think strategically and help clients work more efficiently and solve problems.

Many businesses and healthcare organizations want to digitize, but they don’t have processes in place to accomplish that. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as buying an EMR or CRM software system. Companies oftentimes find themselves straddling paper records with a digital system. Scanning everything isn’t a solution either; it is expensive and just perpetuates the problem. Typically, regulatory standards compel businesses to make the move to digital. We help our clients make this transition by understanding their processes and the way their records exist now and developing a strategy that maximizes their capital investment, minimizes disruptions to staff and clients, and meets or exceeds all compliance requirements. We seek to enhance and improve processes and remove the crutch of paper records.

Having good ideas used to be my favorite part. Eight years into my entrepreneurial journey, however, and I’ve learned that good ideas are just the beginning. Today, my favorite part is building a team of talented, motivated individuals. Working together, we execute those ideas and make them come to life. As an entrepreneur, it helps that I have done every job available at SRS. I’ve driven shred routes, cleaned up moldy, vermin-infested documents, and even indexed and scanned on big, weekend projects. This allows me to level with team leaders and truly understand the issues they face each day and work together to solve them. Forward progress doesn’t ever happen as quickly as I’d like; after all, markets resist change. However, I feel confident that the entire SRS team is working toward a common goal and having fun while doing it.

My hero growing up was – and still is – my father, W. Powell Jones. He lives his life with the utmost integrity and is dedicated to his church, his community, his family, and his friends. When I was in elementary school, he worked very long days, oftentimes getting up at 4 in the morning. He made the difficult decision to sell that business and spend more time with his family. Of course, he couldn’t stay “retired” long and in 2003 founded SRS. For the last eight years, I’ve had the privilege of calling him partner.

I’ve traveled to six continents! Travel is a huge passion of mine, and I enjoy incorporating it into my personal and business life. However, to the benefit of my clients (and perhaps the chagrin of my staff), no matter how far away I am, I’m never offline.