Is an Office Scanner or Outsourced Document Scanning the Best Fit for Your Business?

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March 29, 2024

Desktop office scanners are like most pieces of everyday office equipment: If you’re thinking about them at all, it’s probably because you’re dissatisfied with their performance. While it’s true that desktop scanners can be useful and even thrive in the right applications, a growing business can outgrow its desktop scanners rather quickly. 

This leaves businesses with a choice between expanding in-house scanning capacity, usually through investing in newer and more capable models of scanners, or outsourcing scanning needs to a document management service. There are pros and cons to both methods, and we’ve examined both to help you when you’re faced with the same decision.  

In-House Scanning

using scanner in office


  • In-house scanning offers you more control over the scanning process. You know your business and its goals, helping you determine procedures for scanning and make sure you don’t scan things that don’t need scanning.  
  • Scanning in-house may be more convenient, as there’s no need to move documents from one location to another for scanning. 
  • In-house scanning is a good fit for businesses who are already caught up on digitizing and have simple or low demand scanning needs.  


  • Your business will not get the benefit of professional guidance when scanning in-house as opposed to outsourcing.  
  • All costs and expenses associated with scanning equipment are the responsibility of the business.  
  • Scanning is labor intensive, meaning in-house scanning can become costly, and it can prevent team members from accomplishing other important tasks.  
  • More growth and success of your business can put you back in the previous position, as your scanning needs outpace scanning ability.  


Scan on demand


  • Outsourcing means an experienced and knowledgeable staff will handle your scanning needs, ensuring quality results.  
  • Outsourcing means access to the best equipment, without the expenses of owning or maintaining it, leading to quality, high-speed results at a lower cost.  
  • Not keeping and maintaining space for scanners frees up room in the office for other equipment or employee workspace. Outsourcing scanning helps businesses protect themselves during employee shortages and keeps valued employees free to pursue important goals.  
  • Improvements in technology and communication mean scanning and document management companies can ensure rapid access to scanned files.  


  • Outsourcing means less direct control over scanning projects.  
  • While access is presented quickly from outsourced scanning services, in-house scanning ensures near instant access to scanned documents.  

The Verdict 

If your business is mostly “caught up” on its scanning goals, upgrading in-house scanning capability could be the right choice for your business. But if you’re starting to wonder if desktop scanners are up to the challenges your growing business provides, it may be time to consider outsourcing.  

Although it may seem like a more expensive option, efficient outsourced scanning solutions can often end up costing less than in-house projects over time.  As always, team members at Secure Records Solutions are standing by to help you make the decision that best responds to the needs of your business.  

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