HR Records Scanning: Digital Document Solutions for Your Business

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April 1, 2024

HR records scanning can be a useful and efficient part of your small business’s document management plans.

Scanning offers a mean of digitizing records and managing them in digital format, allowing you to save on space and other expenses associated with managing paper records. Digitization facilitates more efficient document management and helps your business avoid risk and minimize liability.

But digitization can seem like a daunting task, especially with the prohibitive expense of owning and operating your own scanning equipment. Luckily, document management leaders like Secure Records Solutions offer HR records scanning solutions and other digitization solutions to help your business navigate the challenge.

Benefits of Scanning HR Records

Your business gains access to a host of benefits when committing to digitizing HR and employee records.

Among the first is the ability to reclaim space and save on associated costs. Converting paper records to digital format minimizes storage expenses and allows you to reclaim space previously devoted to storing paper records.

Further, when you begin the process of converting paper employee records to a digital format, your business gains the benefits of a cloud-based, digital document management system. These systems allow you to harness digital technology in managing and accessing your records.

Finally, scanning HR records allows your business to better manage risk and liability through secure digital storage methods. Altogether, the many benefits of scanning HR records make it a useful document management practice.

Scanning HR Records to Save on Storage

Why scan employee records in the first place? Simply put, retention periods on HR records vary widely across record type. Many records are kept for only a year after an employee leaves a company, while others range out several years or more. In many cases, employees work multiple decades with one company, with records that follow them across their career at that company.

In all of these cases, record keepers must store records securely throughout the retention period. This means the company is responsible for either storing the records themselves or paying someone else to do so.

Scanning HR records in such cases means eliminating the ongoing need for storage space or the expense of storage fees. Digitizing these records eliminates the ongoing expense while maintaining the same security standards.

Scanning Business Records: Cost-Effective Alternatives

For some businesses, digitization doesn’t quite fit into the document management budget. A more cost-effective options is available to businesses that need it.

Scan-on-Demand technology allows document management teams like the ones at Secure Records Solutions to provide on-demand digitization services as part of a top-flight records access protocol for SRS customers.

This means turning over your paper records to SRS for indexing and storage, and then receiving records in digital format only when they’re needed.

Digitizing HR Records with a Professional Document Management Team

Whatever the scanning solution you choose for your document management needs, partner with a team of professionals to get the job done.

When you partner with a professional document management team like at Secure Records Solutions, you can expect more than your typical document management program.

At SRS, we proudly offer HR record scanning and business record scanning services to businesses across a variety of industries. Whether you’re seeking a full HR records digitization project, or a cost-effective records storage plan built around Scan-on-Demand technology, SRS has the service for you.

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