How Much Do EMR Systems Cost? (A Lot More if Not Properly Implemented)

Doctor on laptop working on EMR systems

electronic medical recordsWith the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2010, all US healthcare providers began the transition to newly mandated electronic medical records (EMR) systems. More than a decade later, some healthcare providers still struggle with EMR system implementation, resulting in extra costs and limited return on investment. Indeed, EMR systems that aren’t properly implemented can cost healthcare providers millions in implementation expenses – costs that far exceed the original cost of the software itself.  

Most EMR system failures stem from implementation issues. At Secure Records Solutions, we’ve observed problems our clients have had before, and as part of our commitment to a legendary client experience, we’ve designed solutions to EMR system problems that help remove the crutch of paper, teach software operators more efficient ways to use their EMR systems, and facilitate efficient, targeted document recall capabilities with our indexing and scan-on-demand technology.  

Removing the Crutch of Paper 

Getting rid of paper documents for EMRFor any EMR system to thrive, all employees must commit to the digital transition and avoid falling back on the crutch of paper. From the first moment of a new EMR system’s implementation, all records and vital information should be processed and accessed digitally, with employees encouraged to avoid paper use as much as possible.  

Commitment to efficient use practices helps employees embrace EMR systems and avoid falling back into old habits that rely on the crutch that is paper records. Effective EMR systems require an organizational embrace of digital recordkeeping. 

Indexing and Compliance 

One area where costs can grow if not addressed correctly is in the implementation of old, existing records into a new EMR system. Working with compliance laws specific to the client and their subfield of healthcare, we can assist clients in knowing what not to scan and store digitally, reducing costs and workload when preserving legacy data by ensuring nothing is scanned unnecessarily.  

Scan-On Demand Service  

Scan on demandWhen a compliance issue arrives, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve stored something, or how securely it’s stored. What matters is whether or not you can get your hands on it, and quickly. When you hand over legacy data in the form of old paper records to Secure Records Solutions, you can count on an indexing service that prepares your records for scan-on demand capability. By removing unneeded or expired records and indexing existing records in boxes in our secure storage facility, we proudly offer clients scan-on-demand technology that allows access to records in less than one hour.  

If you’re a healthcare provider still struggling to implement your EMR system or struggling to incorporate legacy data into existing systems, Secure Records Solutions has a solution for you. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to learn more about tailored solutions to help remove the crutch of paper, stay compliant, save on costs, and get the most out of your EMR system.


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