Closing Medical Practice

There are many requirements for retaining records even after closing. We can help you with that.

"Perhaps most importantly, we reduced our liability for a medical records breach in a rented warehouse that made us nervous."

Rich G., Dalton, GA

Are you closing your medical practice and need help dealing with your remaining patient records? Our team of experts has helped many physicians understand what they are required to do, coordinate the mandatory patient notification process, catalogue and store records until they meet their retention, and scan any records requests before the records are allowed to be destroyed.

According to the American College of Physicians, “it is important to remember that the physical record (whether paper or electronic) is the property of the practice and the information in the record is the property of the patient.  Thus the patient is entitled to obtain copies of the record, but the physician must retain the original in case a liability claim is filed.  Other records, such as tax returns, bank statements, personnel files, EOBs, and other financial records also need to be retained.”

If you are closing a medical practice and ready to automate the process of dealing with your old medical records, we can handle it all.

As you think about closing your medical practice, remember these 6 things:

  • Both physical and digital records must be maintained until they meet their retention
  • Not all records have the same retention requirements, even within a single chart
  • Medical record breaches are more likely to happen in an uncontrolled setting like a storage unit than a dedicated records management facility
  • You don’t have to scan all of your old records to get rid of the paper, especially if you are unlikely to need them in the future
  • Requests for old paper charts are rare but time-intensive if you don’t have a good system for managing them.
  • Prepare the proper documentation before releasing information.


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