Are You Managing Your Documents, or Just Storing Them?

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March 21, 2024

By now, any business operating in 2022 knows the vital importance of solid document storage practices and the need for safe, secure preservation of data. Considering the risks associated with data breaches or leaked information, secure storage is paramount for any company operating in the data-driven economic landscape. Whether it’s operating records, secure customer data, or a host of other forms of valuable information, the importance of records management is at an all-time high.  

Of course, there’s more to records management than just secure storage of records. Many well-meaning businesses make the mistake of confusing secure storage for a sound records management process, in which secure storage is but one of many key components that keep records secure, businesses compliant, and important data safe.  

Document Storage vs. Document Management

Document storage vs document managementSecure document storage is important, but it’s only a component of a larger records management plan. While it’s true that it’s almost impossible to effectively manage records without a secure storage facility as a part of that management plan, storing documents is only the first step.  

Storage just provides businesses with the security of knowing records are safe and away from unwanted access or exposure but doesn’t imply a coherent system of managing those records.  

Why Document Storage Is Not Enough  

Good records management means looking beyond the storage facility and partnering with a professional records management team to access services like indexing, scan-on-demand, and the retention expertise that comes from working with an experienced team from the records management industry.  

Records management that works for your company and goes beyond simple records storage will feature services like indexing and sorting of records for better organization in anticipation of needed access in the future. Scan-on-demand services like those offered by Secure Records Solutions help ensure that records can be accessed quickly to keep your business’s vital functions operational.  

Calling In the Pros  

Secure Records SolutionsFurther, partnering with a team that’s familiar with the ins and outs of records management means you get the benefit of knowledge and experience when it comes to retention laws and governance, helping your business stay compliant and save money through the secure destruction of records when they reach their predetermined retention point.  

This is how records management done right can leave a business with more peace of mind and generate savings over time – something that cannot be achieved with simply stored records.  

What Are My Options?  

When simply storing records, businesses miss out on all the benefits of a proper records management service. Some businesses attempt to solve this problem by enacting their own records management plans.  

This is possible but may be quite difficult for businesses of any size. Concerns over deciphering retention guidance and laws and the inability to consult directly with knowledgeable professionals can make managing your own records management program difficult and inefficient. 

And while upfront costs can seem intimidating to businesses enacting their first records management plan, upfront planning can demonstrate how investing in a records management plan by partnering with professional records custodians like the ones at Secure Records Solutions allows businesses to save money, stay compliant with retention laws, and better serve their customers over time.  

A Records Management Plan for Your Business  

No matter your industry or the size of your business, Secure Records Solutions offers tailored records management plans that best meet your needs. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to learn more about implementing a document management plan that goes beyond simply storing your documents.  

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