Do Fortune 500 Companies Outsource Their Document Management?

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March 29, 2024

For businesses everywhere, a tried-and-true strategy for inciting growth is by emulating the greats. Companies like those who make up the Forbes 500 set the standards in the industry for best practices, and we can all learn something from their successful habits.  

When it comes to document management, it’s easy to wonder how the most successful companies handle it. Innovative CEOs and leaders we admire must have some innovative system they’ve created to keep all their data and documents secure, organized, and accessible, right?  

What we find is that often enough, leaders of growth-minded, successful companies know that the best way to accomplish their document management goals is by outsourcing to a professional document management company. Leaving their document management in good hands with experienced professionals frees up time they can devote to other projects, and guarantees their documents are organized and accessible, and their data is safe and secure.  

This is because often enough, expanding systems like document management in scale with a growing business creates headaches. Compliance issues can arise, as records spread across a country or region become difficult to track down. Organization becomes more challenging, with multiple locations managing different types and amounts of data. Even security can become a concern, as growing numbers of diverse records storage strategies become more difficult to oversee.  

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A Case Study: XPO Logistics 

XPO Logistics is a Forbes 200 company, the largest third-party logistics providers in the United States, and one of the ten largest in the world. Years of successful growth and the nature of their business meant that by the time they partnered with Secure Records Solutions, they were managing documents from nearly two hundred locations across forty-eight US states.  

In the beginning, XPO partnered with Secure Records Solutions to mange just one of their many locations. Trouble arose in the form of a compliance issue, when XPO found themselves with a little over forty-eight hours to locate four hundred individual documents…. stored across 800 boxes of records. That’s nearly 2.5 million individual images to sort through! 

At Secure Records Solutions, we worked quickly and efficiently through the weekend to help XPO solve the problem. Along the way, we realized that there was a better way for XPO to manage their documents and prevent similar issues in the future. We designed and proposed a centralized document management system for all XPO locations that relies on our indexing and scan-on-demand capabilities. With this system now in place, XPO has on-demand access to any record from any of their locations. 

This means XPO can steer clear of compliance and legal issues and continue to grow and serve their customers knowing their documents are organized and accessible any time they’re needed. And since all team members at Secure Records Solutions are NAID-AAA certified, they know their records are always in good hands.  

Or just ask Chad Mongelli, Senior Project Manager at XPO Logistics. “SRS has solved a problem for our team that is much bigger than storage. They have developed, implemented, and automated a document management system across our network that gives me confidence we are compliant with our retention policy and ensures immediate access to critical records,” Chad says. “SRS manages the process so my team and I can focus on other important aspects of our business.”  

If you think your company could use a centralized document management system that allows you freedom to focus on growth while knowing your documents are secure, contact Secure Records Solutions today.  

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