How Do Document Management Services Fit in the Fiscal Year Budget?

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March 21, 2024

The end of the fiscal year is upon us. It’s a crucial time for governments, municipalities, and other public sectors as they work to transition into a new fiscal year and a new yearly budget. It can be a hectic time, but it’s one of the best times of year for governments and public organizations to improve their document management by investing in services like professional shredding, storage, and indexing.  

Welcoming the New Fiscal Year with Shredding Services

Fiscal year end shredding servicesIf your department or office at your organization hasn’t implemented a shredding plan, the turn of the fiscal year is the perfect time to do so. Scheduling a cleanout or purge as the initial step in your future shredding plans is the best way to start or finish the year. A one-time event or shred plan can help you reap the benefits every year. Whether you’re working within the constraints of a tight budget or looking to spend surplus money at year’s end, there are great shredding opportunities available to you.  

A Variety of Benefits for a Variety of Budgets 

If your organization missed the opportunity to implement shredding or other records management services in your budget this year, don’t worry! The new fiscal year is the perfect time to implement new policies, any shredding plan, or even a one-time purge event to clean-out backlogged records and cluttered storage closets. Starting off the year with shredding and following it with a tailored shredding plan for your organization is the perfect way to implement regular shredding services for your organization and start the new fiscal year off on the right foot.  

For those organizations who anticipate closing out the fiscal year with a budget surplus, shredding services are an excellent way to make use of the extra funds. Budget surpluses call for smart, future-focused spending, and shredding offers a high-ROI use for the excess space in your budget. There are a variety of service options available for varying needs and budget amounts; from installing a couple of convenient shred containers to a full-scale cleanout event. Secure Records Solutions offers a full suite of records management tools and plans tailored to your organization. Organizations with budget surpluses can use this fiscal year end as an opportunity to “try out” some of the document management options available to them.  

Records Management: Beyond the Shredder 

Shredding services can benefit your organization no matter what your relationship with your current year or new year’s budget is. But it doesn’t stop at shredding! The end of the fiscal year is the best time for local and city level governments and organizations to step up their document management plans through services like storage and indexing.  

Whether it’s moving that back room of records into a secure storage facility like the ones offered at Secure Records Solutions or implementing a shred plan to destroy records that have already met their retention period, there are options available for your end-of-year budget situation.  

Organizations that invest in professional records management services to help utilize surplus money in the budget at year’s end celebrate their own efficiency by investing in one of the most important daily processes: records management.  

Proper records management keeps your organization or government office running smoothly and capable of complying with records requisition. Secure, timely destruction of applicable records helps public sector organizations avoid strains on storage capacity and employee productivity. An investment like this helps start the new fiscal year off on the right foot while securing space in future budgets for continued effective records management practices moving forward.  

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As we approach the end of the fiscal year and begin to transition into a new one, Secure Records Solutions offers shredding services suitable for a variety of needs and budget situations. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to learn more about records management services for your organization.  

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