Recognizing Health Information Professionals in Our Region With AHIMA


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The Health Information Professionals in your life may not get a lot of credit, but they are critical to the field of Healthcare. They are the reason your medical records are readily available, your insurance is billed (instead of you!), and your physician knows what you have experienced in the past so they can make a good recommendation for your future.

During AHIMA’s annual Health Information Professional week, our team pauses to spotlight the Health Information Professionals in our lives who take care of us when we aren’t at work. Specifically, we will be bringing lunch to 200+ Medical Records and Coding professionals this April 3-9 to celebrate the 27th annual HIP week and recognize them for their contributions to Medicine.

If you would like to recognize a Health Information Professional in your life, send Christopher Jones an email at with their name, place of work, and the reason you would like to recognize them.



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