How Creating a Paperless Office Results In Happy Employees

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Labor Day 2022 is just a short distance away on September 5th. It’s easy to get transfixed about your plans for the long weekend, but what you should be thinking about is your employees and their satisfaction in the workplace. After all, Labor Day was created to celebrate the American worker and their accomplishments. 

To celebrate your staff on this “workingmen’s holiday,” rather than throw a party or offer an extra day off (although they would likely appreciate that too), boost employee morale and retention by starting the transition of going paperless in your office! 

How Does Going Paperless Help Employees? 

Saves Time 

The first benefit you will notice when transitioning to a paperless office is that your employees have more time on their hands than before. In paper-based workplaces, employees often spend a significant amount of time filing, organizing, and searching for documents.  

When you go paperless, Secure Records Solutions can scan and digitize all necessary documents for you. This way, your employees will have every document they could ever need at their fingertips making them easy to find, share, and organize. All this extra time your employees have can be spent doing more productive, revenue-inducing tasks. Speaking of being productive, according to this study, happy employees are 13% more productive. Add that to the reasons to go paperless! 

More Accessibility 

The COVID pandemic changed the workforce environment for the foreseeable future in many ways, with nearly all offices forced to implement work from home and flexible schedules. According to experts, remote and flexible work schedules are here to stay and are predicted to rise in the upcoming year. 

Remote and a flexible work schedules allow for greater work-life balance, which makes employees happier. The ability to access documents is essential to employees working outside of the office. Instead of having your employees carry around physical documents that could put confidential information at risk, digitize your documents to ensure that all information is staying secure and that your company is staying compliant.  

Less Waste Equals More Fulfillment 

This study found that 33% of consumers choose to buy from brands that they believe are doing environmental good. 78% of US citizens say they feel better about their purchase when the company they purchase from is eco-friendly. 

If consumers don’t want to do business with companies that are not environmentally conscious, then why would employees want to work for those same companies? Everyone wants to do good in the world and make the earth a better place than they found it for future generations. When employees work for businesses that are giving back in some way, it makes their work more meaningful which in turn fulfills them and allows them to be happier with their work life. 

Then vs now paper to electronic

Digitizing Paper-Based Processes 

Technology has always allowed us to make our processes and techniques eco-friendlier and more efficient through digitizing. Here are a few examples of how past processes have been made easier by going paperless. 

The Path to Digital Transformation 

At Secure Records Solutions, we make it easy for your office to make the paperless transition. First, our team will assess what documents you have and how you use them, how often you need access to them, and how they are stored and organized. Next, we’ll help you decide what documents need to be scanned, what to store for compliance purposes, and what is already eligible for destruction and should be shredded for liability reasons. Lastly, our team will scan and convert your documents in the most convenient, effective, and cost-efficient way possible. We will even index and upload the files to your server, so you know what you have and how it is organized.

the path to digital transformation


Celebrate Labor Day Accordingly

Give your employees the happiness they deserve this Labor Day. If you are on the road to paperless, we can guide you in the right direction. Why put it off? Getting started is as easy as contacting us now. 


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