How to find the best shredding service in Tallahassee


For nearly 17 years, Secure Records Solutions has provided shredding and other document management solutions to businesses in and around the Tallahassee area. Many businesses have previously done their shredding in-house but have grown to a point where they need to outsource this service. Here, we answer some frequently asked questions that Tallahassee-area businesses have when beginning a shredding service with Secure Records Solutions.

How can I find a shredding solution that meets my needs?

One size does not fit all with shredding services. When you sign up for a shredding service with Secure Records Solutions, our expert client care coordinators will work with you to customize a shredding solution to fit your needs. We will ensure you have the right-sized shredding container, frequency, and type of service (mobile v. offsite.)

How will I be charged for my shredding service?

At Secure Records Solutions, we believe that simple is best. We charge a per-trip fee, which means we only charge you when we make a pick-up. There are no surprise or hidden charges. It’s a flat rate trip fee. Simple and transparent.

What if I need SRS to come sooner than scheduled?

If you are on a four-week rotation and notice your bins are overflowing after two weeks, we’ll work with you to adjust your schedule and make sure your needs are properly met. Especially when you’re first implementing a shred program, it may take a few times to ensure the frequency is right. Don’t worry. We are flexible and want to find the best solution to meet your needs.

What happens to the paper after SRS picks it up?

Your paper will be securely handled using chain-of-custody and destroyed. As a NAID-AAA certified facility, we meet the industry’s most stringent standards for document destruction. And you will receive a certification of destruction to have for your records. Shredded paper will then be recycled.

Why implement a shredding service?

Bottom line, a regularly scheduled shredding service can save you lots of time, help with office organization, make your employees more efficient, and reduce the likelihood of a data breach. And at less than the cost of one cup of coffee per day, it will ultimately save your business money.

If your Tallahassee business is looking to implement a shredding program, give Secure Records Solutions a call today. Our friendly and experienced staff will help you create a customized program to meet your company’s unique needs.


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