Introducing Healthcare Logistics Services


Secure Records Solutions Introduces Healthcare Logistics Services in response to COVID-19 Crisis

Crises have a way of bringing out the true colors of a business. This week, we have seen the focus shift from how businesses are reacting to the problem to becoming a part of the solution. No industry is exempt, as we have seen fashion designers turn their ateliers into mask production factories and distilleries trading bourbon for hand sanitizer, just to name a few.

At Secure Records Solutions, we are proud to partner with many healthcare providers and rural hospitals, and we have looked for ways to help those who are fighting the front lines of this battle. One of the greatest needs that has come out of this crisis so far are medical supplies. It is not only a matter of having access to critical supplies. Hospitals must also answer the question of where to store supplies once they arrive. At the rate hospitals are going through masks, gloves, and other essentials, some hospitals simply do not have adequate room to meet the use demand.

In response to this need, we have taken our expertise in logistics and inventory management and applied those same concepts to inventory management for hospitals. We are proud to now offer Healthcare Logistics Services to hospitals within our regional shredding radius. The areas where the healthcare logistics services are currently available include a ~ 100-mile radius in and around Thomasville, Georgia, including the communities of Valdosta, Moultrie, Tifton, Bainbridge, and Tallahassee. This service provides medical supply storage, inventory management, and transportation to hospitals as needs arise. HLS is designed to relieve hospital staff of logistical and administrative burdens and solve the problem of limited space for storing supplies.

With the daily updates from our own local hospitals, we are all beginning to see just how quickly this virus escalates and how quickly rural hospitals can become overwhelmed. It is our hope that this service will provide some relief to those facilities and allow them to focus on caring for patients and healing their communities. We are so grateful for all the hospitals, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. We will continue to find new and different ways to serve clients as they serve on the front lines of this COVID-19 crisis. Together, we will come out of this crisis stronger. If you are a healthcare provider interested in learning more about our Healthcare Logistics Services, please contact us.


  1. Bassey

    Really appreciate your efforts

    • Jo Walthall

      Thank you! Please let us know how else we can be of service.

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Introducing Healthcare Logistics Services

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