Is Scanning the Best Solution for Your Unique Business Needs?


Why Scanning May Not Be the Solution & Different Applications for Scanning Across Industries and Business Functions

The process of scanning records is a common theme across industries and even business functions within one organization. As scan experts, however, we at Secure Records Solutions have found that the application of scanning can vary from industry to industry and even from department to department.

Since it is such a common business function, there is a myth, typically among C-suite executives, that scanning is an “easy” job. To borrow from the early 2000’s Geico ad, they think that it’s “so easy a caveman could do it.”

We know from our years of experience, however, that nothing could be farther from the truth. Scanning is a labor-intensive job that requires a lot of work on the front end and quality control throughout the process to ensure a satisfactory result. To complete a scan job correctly and efficiently also requires a capital investment of a commercial-grade, high-volume scanner. If not, your staff will spend months – years perhaps – completing a scan job on a painfully slow desktop scanner that may or may not be to your standards. And if proper organization and naming conventions are not done correctly, it could all be for naught.

How can SRS get higher quality results at a lower cost?

It’s actually quite simple. Why? By first asking the pivotal question why before engaging in a scanning project, we can best map out the how typically at a much higher quality and lower cost than a company attempting to handle a scan job in house. In short, we never scan without a strategy. When we listen to our clients, we find that most people think they need to scan everything because that is what the boss said or that is the only solution they are aware of. But, in reality, we oftentimes find that businesses only need to scan a small percentage of their records. Or they only need access to a small percentage of records, and the rest they are required to keep for retention and compliance. Or they are trying to fully embrace the “paperless” approach to business and want to rid their office of old records. These are all extremely reasonable business requests; however, scanning is not the only answer!

Our solution is typically a comprehensive, full-scale document management approach. With document management, a combination of our solutions – including indexing, storage, scan on demand, and shredding — is applied to that client’s situation. Even though it sounds complicated and costly, the result is actually a less expensive approach that meets the clients’ needs at a fraction of the cost. And since we actively manage for retention, costs continue to go down until all records are eventually destroyed. It’s truly a win-win.

In this video, Chief Problem Solver Christopher Jones discusses his thesis don’t scan without a strategy in more detail.

How does this application look in different industries and different departments?

Read on below for specific instances:

Medical Records Scanning

medical records scanning

Our high production medical records scanning team has experience working with healthcare providers of all sizes. We understand what you are faced with in a high intensity environment where records need to be scanned quickly, securely, and accurately. Our continuing HIPAA education ensures that we are in a position to advise you on the most secure and efficient way to manage the conversion of your paper charts. We work on two types of medical record scanning projects: backfile scans of archival records and ongoing scanning support for backlogged medical records departments. When you need to convert older charts, we’ll spend time looking at them with you and talking through your strategy for what needs to be scanned as compared to what our many other clients scan in similar scenarios. You’ll always get the benefit of our experience and a commitment that we will help you make a good decision.

Ongoing medical record scanning support looks more like a workflow solution where we will back you up when you have more scanning than your team can handle. This type of scanning is also extremely beneficial when there is a consolidation or merger with another clinic or practice. Our team will learn your language and act as an extension of your office when you need us and seamlessly integrate the records from the new medical practice or office.

Legal Discovery Scanning

We handle legal discovery scanning projects for defendant companies and their attorneys in order to improve the predictability of the cost of discovery. Our team is knowledgeable about the kinds of searches attorneys conduct when they are going through a discovery and can add the value of identifying specific valuable records – down to the page level or keyword – in order to cut the cost of your time. If you are faced with a discovery, consider the costs you will incur when you:

  • Go onsite to survey record inventory
  • Determine what is in the record inventory
  • Determine what should be scanned
  • Deliver those scanned records

We can make the legal discovery scanning process straightforward by handling the logistics of making the records available. Our discovery process involves sending one of our teams onsite to survey records in storage and identify the records you need using our extensive indexing process. We then scan all of the discoverable records and deliver them via our secure cloud storage portal. No hiring of temps to sort through files or asking employees to come stay late or come on weekends to meet a tight deadline. Instead, our process allows companies to can focus on winning their case based on timely, accurate information.

Accounts Payable Scanning

If you are receiving bills from 100 or more vendors or more than one company location, the complexities of managing your accounts payable department are probably costing you a lot of money in missed discounts, administrative payroll, and process inefficiencies. Our scanning team has developed an expertise in organizing, indexing, and scanning accounts payable documents to help our clients take advantage of their scale in negotiating contracts and streamline in-house administrative processes.

Human Resources Scanning

If you work in an industry with high turnover, you are probably swimming in personnel records. We understand Human Resources scanning projects better than most. Whether you have chosen a software for managing these files or are still an entirely paper-based operation, we can help you get control of your files so that you can focus on your people. If any of the seven statements are true, it may be worth outsourcing human resources scanning to a company such as Secure Records Solutions:

  • You can’t find a file when you need it
  • You’ve had an internal or external breach of confidential personnel information due to poor storage or access processes
  • Your team can’t keep up with the scanning to feed your Software
  • Waiting on files is increasing the length of time it takes to process new employees
  • The scanning isn’t being done right, and you are constantly having to clean up digital files
  • You aren’t managing personnel file retention closely, increasing your liability
  • You spend more time managing the process of getting information into the system than you do using that information

These are just some of the ways we have partnered with companies in a variety of industries to streamline their efforts and create efficiencies, all while saving them money. If you are searching for a scanning solution feel like your company could benefit from a full-scale document management approach, contact us today. We’ll listen to your problem and help you find the right solution for your business.


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