Is Your Shredding Service Keeping Up With the Growth of Your Business?  

Shredding service secure records solutions

Secure shredding providers are known around the business world for the good things they do. A secure shredding service keeps businesses compliant, helps them operate efficiently, and helps keep the data that their records contain safe and secure. At Secure Records Solutions, we are proud to help our clients grow and maintain their business by aiding them in their efforts to manage and destroy their records, all in an efficient and compliant manner.  

Growth is A Good Thing, But… 

Unfortunately, we have seen in our own clients that the growth of the business can sometimes outpace existing records management practices, like their secure shredding service. As businesses grow and the scope of their functions increase, they produce more data, often in the form of paper records. It may not happen overnight, but after periods of sustained growth, businesses may find themselves exceeding the capacity of their existing shredding service, creating a backlog of records waiting for their turn to be shredded.  

For our clients, this usually takes the form of boxes of paper records stacked up around their chosen shred container. As anyone can imagine, this scenario is less than ideal. An excess of records to be destroyed hurts the business that owns the records, as it undermines the benefits that secure document destruction schedules regularly provide.  

The Risk 

When boxes are stacked outside of a shred bin, the records in those boxes are not securely stored while awaiting destruction. Depending on the contents of the boxes and where the boxes are stored, this can create a host of risks for your business concerning both compliance and data security. What is more, overflowing records that are not getting securely destroyed take up space and affect the organization of the office or workspace.  

Luckily, for those who are navigating the problem of excess records and not enough shred bin space, the solutions are variable but remarkably simple. In fact, as easy as it can be to set up a document destruction plan for a business, it’s even easier to add on to or modify an existing one.  

The Solution 

There are several options for businesses looking to eliminate backlogs of unsecure, undestroyed records. As with any shredding plan, our goal at Secure Records Solutions is to create a solution that most effectively meets our clients’ needs, and extending an existing solution is done in the same way.  

Through our versatile suite of shredding containers and the ability to customize your scheduled visits, we offer options that fit any of our client’s needs, with the flexibility to explore and create cost-neutral solutions for those operating on more limited budgets.  

For a great cost-neutral option to help re-achieve security through better document destruction practices is to increase shredding bin capacity. This can happen in a few ways. A great option for clients who produce a high volume of records for destruction is our largest capacity container, the shred bin.  

Some businesses start out with smaller shredding containers and find eventually that they must upsize to a shred bin – or two! If your business is dealing with overflowing containers, but hasn’t yet considered using shred bins for greater document capacity, it may be time to make the switch.  

Versatile Solutions  

shred container bin comparisonBut increasing the volume of a container isn’t the only way to approach the problem of excess records. Increasing the number of containers is an option, too. Clients can explore combinations of three different sizes of shredding containers to help find a balance that best meets their needs.  

Finally, for some, the best option isn’t always more shredding capacity, but more frequent visits on the shredding schedule. Here at Secure Records Solutions, we’re more than happy to stop by more often, to best tailor a solution that meets your specific shredding needs. This is a great option for growing businesses that are serious about investing in increased secure shredding capacity. 

In the end, what’s most important is that businesses keep their shredding schedule up to date with the needs of their business. There is no better way to do that than to partner with Secure Records Solutions and experience the benefits of a secure shredding rotation for destroying your business’s records. Existing customers will find that adjusting their shredding schedule or container capacity is an even simpler way to keep their business compliant and their data secure. Whether you are just getting started or looking for a solution to the boxes stacked up around your shred bin, contact Secure Record Solutions today.  


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