Library Moving Service

Our seamless Indexing system ensures a smooth transition for your move.

"Beyond pleased by my experience with Secure Records Solutions for helping our non-profit manage our records in a safe and secure way! They really are community minded, and go above and beyond to serve!"

Mariam M., Thomasville, GA

Our library moving service was established when a local library needed help. They’d made the mistake of hiring a moving company that didn’t have a way of organizing the tens of thousands of materials they were moving.

A library becomes a big mess if its contents aren’t carefully organized for the transition. Using a traditional moving company simply isn’t an option if you want to avoid a total re-start of the library’s inventory. What’s more, you won’t have access to those assets before the renovation is complete!

Our library moving expertise comes from our experience cataloguing large record sets. We have developed an expertise in moving and storing the books and furniture of libraries for renovations. We can provide the breakdown of shelves, cataloguing of media into boxes, and climate controlled storage of materials for any length of time as you complete your project.

Our dynamic barcoding system will allow you to access your materials throughout the process, so your library can continue to operate, even without a building full of books!

We follow this simple 5 Step Process:

  • Survey the current and prospective space to develop a plan
  • Index books and other media into barcoded boxes for transfer
  • Break down shelves and fixtures
  • Store and provide digital or physical access to books, microfilm, and other media as needed
  • Deliver and re-install shelves, return books to their original order

Don’t let bad planning cause you to spend weeks cleaning up a mess after moving your library!


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