Mobile Shredding Trucks

Our secure and powerful shredding trucks ensure complete destruction of your documents.

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Secure Records Solutions has been family-owned and operated for 15 years! You can count on our team for compliance-focus, quality service, prompt communication, and dependable solutions. Serving South Georgia and North Florida, in cities such as Tallahassee, Quincy, Monticello, Lake City, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Moultrie, Tifton, Adel, Camilla, Albany, Dawson, Americus, Fitzgerald, Valdosta, and Quitman.

The Secure Records Solutions mobile shredding fleet will make your onsite document destruction needs quick and compliant. We can work with any volume and in just about any time frame. Need your documents shredded tomorrow? See you then.

No Touch Shredding

Your files will never be viewed or touched by our team. The locked security bins will keep you compliant and leave you with peace of mind that your records remain confidential. Our trucks have a “no touch” technology that ensures your records remain out of reach and out of site until they are completely destroyed.

Power: Our Shredder

Each of our trucks is equipped with an industrial cross cut shredder, meaning that your documents are cut in multiple directions as they go through a series of blades. This turns your documents into small, unreadable particles.  The shredder is so strong that it can easily destroy staples, books, paper clips, binder clips, red wells, rubber bands, file fasteners, file folders and pretty much anything else made of paper found in your office or home.

How to Identify Our Trucks

Secure Records Solutions is boldly displayed on our trucks with all relevant contact information including services, website, and phone numbers. This is important as it provides our clients with peace of mind and confidence in their chosen provider. If you see us driving, give us a call to share your experience!

Rapid Destruction with Our Trucks

Did you know that our trucks can destroy over 5,000 pounds of paper each hour?  Consider how long it might take you or your staff to shred 5,000 pounds of paper using a personal or small office shredder that destroys a few sheets of paper at one time. It will take our truck minutes to destroy what would take you weeks to finish.

Watch the Entire Process!

The ability to witness your files being shredded as it happens will give you confidence and closure. We welcome you to watch as our trucks destroy your confidential records.


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