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April 25, 2024

It’s no secret that shredding services are an essential part of any business’s records management functions. Regular, secure shredding processes keep data secure, mitigate risk, and promote organization and efficiency. Outsourcing shredding services allow businesses to save money and capture new levels of efficiency in their records management processes while achieving those same goals.

Unfortunately, choosing the right shredding service can create a challenge for information management staff. It’s a crucial decision, as choosing the wrong service can create new risks and inefficiencies within such a vital internal process. This can defeat the purpose of outsourcing shredding requirements in the first place.

With some understanding of what professional shredding services can offer, however, it’s possible to judge and determine for yourself which local shredding service professionals offer the best opportunity for your business. An important first step is understanding what to look for in professional shredding companies.

What Makes a Good Shredding Company?  

good shredding services characteristicsIt’s one thing to offer shredding as a professional service. It’s another thing entirely to offer a suite of shredding and other related records management services in the form of fully tailored plans designed to best meet the needs of specific client businesses. These are the things that separate the best professional shredding companies from the rest of their competition.  

The best professional shredding service companies offer insightful, tailored solutions that meet the individual needs of their client businesses, all while delivering consistent, timely service and retaining total security over client data throughout the process.   

Understanding this makes choosing the right shredding company a lot simpler. By considering the scope and diversity of shredding services offered, the consistency and reliability of the company in question, and their ability to prioritize and provide total security throughout all records destruction processes, records managers can confidently choose the best shredding company for their business needs.  

Diverse Service Lines and Customizable Service  

The best professional shredding companies will offer a diverse range of shredding and shredding-related records management services.  

When records managers seek professional shredding services, they should consider the variety of services offered. The best professional shredding companies will present both onsite and offsite shredding options, along with other adjacent shredding service options, like in-office shred containers to help facilitate a scheduled shred plan for clients.  

These companies should also offer destruction services for non-paper data storage materials, like hard drives, memory cards and other office equipment.  

Tailored Shred Plans Trump Generic Shred Schedules   

Along with offering a variety of service lines for client business’s shredding needs, the best shredding companies will offer tailored plans that provide the best of all services and products to meet the specific needs of client businesses.  

For some businesses, shredding needs are limited. A simple shred plan built around a few shred bins and a semi-monthly visit from a shredding professional might be enough to meet their needs. Other businesses have vast shredding demands, featuring constant destruction of records in paper or other formats. The best shredding companies will strive to offer a custom plan to clients across the spectrum of commercial shredding needs.  

Reliability and Consistency of Service  

reliable and consistent shredding servicesThe next key factor to consider in choosing the best shredding service for your business centers on reliability and consistency of service. Reliability and consistency of service are extremely important to the quality of your experience in outsourcing commercial shredding. Put plainly, without consistent, reliable service, the benefits of outsourcing shredding are lost.  

Many businesses struggle with unsatisfactory experiences at the hands of local corporate shredding franchises and locations, feeling they don’t receive the quality of service that they expect, or that they would naturally extend to their own customers in their own industry. Partnering with a local or independent shredding company may solve some of those concerns. 

Additionally, consider the location of your proposed shred service. If you’re hoping to engage with shredding services at your own site via something like mobile shred trucks or via pickup and removal to an offsite location, ensure the shred company you’re engaging with offers the kind of service you want, and that you’re within their service area. Relying on a commercial shredder that’s nearby may prevent location-based issues from ever arising.  

Security Matters Always  

Finally, in shredding, one must always consider the question of security. Security is a major concern, as a security breach can bring consequences that far outstrip the benefits of outsourcing your shredding needs. There’s no way around it: Security is as important as any other detail in choosing a commercial shredding service provider.  

There’s no substitute for proper data protection protocols and processes. Businesses should never settle for less than the best in data security from their commercial shredding providers.  

At Secure Records Solutions, we proudly announce our NAID AAA-certified status throughout communications surrounding our commercial shredding processes and services. This is because we recognize the extreme importance of security in shredding (and all other records management processes) and the value in communicating it as a priority to everyone.  

Our shredding processes are designed to reflect this as well. When providing shredding services for a client, we proudly offer total security throughout the process, all the way up to providing a Certificate of Destruction for each item destroyed to the client after destruction of the item.  

Your Shredding Search, Summarized  

In short, the guiding priorities when searching for a commercial shredding partner for your business center on:

  1. A variety of shredding services and the availability of custom-tailored shredding plans. 
  2. Consistency and reliability of service, with location and proximity a known influencing factor. 
  3. A total adherence to the best in data security standards, with security a visible priority within the shred company’s language and actions.  

With these values in mind, choosing the right commercial shredding partner becomes a whole lot easier. We at Secure Records Solutions hope these thoughts inform your next search for a commercial shredding partner and allow you to secure the best commercial shredding for your business. 

Commercial Shredding with Secure Records Solutions 

shredding servicesFor businesses in our South Georgia and North Florida-based service area, we proudly offer the kind of shredding service that’s described here. If you’re a South Georgia or North Florida business, we offer tailored shredding plans combining the best in creativity and efficiency, total reliability, and complete, NAID AAA-certified level security protocols.  

Partnering with Secure Records Solutions gets you a tailored shredding plan for your business that helps you eliminate risk, cost, and inefficiency in your records management processes, along with the best in expertise and customer service from the Secure Records Solutions. If you’re seeking a commercial shredding plan built on reliability, security, and meeting your business’s unique needs, contact Secure Records Solutions today.

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