Off-Site Shredding Service

The fastest and most efficient way to shred a large amount of documents.

"Secure Records takes all the hassle out of effectively managing your business' files, saving time and money."

Joseph F., Valdosta, GA



Off-site shredding is the most cost effective, timely and equally secure method of destruction. Our facility shredder can destroy 350 sheets of paper per pass, or 2.5 tons of paper per hour. Simply put, our shredder can destroy in minutes what would take your staff days or weeks to finish, at the expense of other projects. The contents of the locked bin are destroyed under surveillance as soon as they reach our facility.  The shredder is under surveillance and operated by extensively trained employees with specialized clearance.


Offsite destruction, just like onsite destruction, is NAID AAA certified and meets or exceeds the industry’s most stringent standards. Because of the quicker time and increased capacity of the truck, offsite destruction is the more cost-effective solution for your shredding needs. With off-site shredding, SRS maintains the chain of custody throughout the process. Furthermore, because we manage the baling of paper internally, there are no third parties introduced to the process.



  1. We take custody of client records in their office or storage area, placing them into a locking bin for transportation.
  2. We transport these locked bins to our secure off-site shredding plant.
  3. Bins are unloaded in a secure, locked loading dock.
  4. The shredder is operated by a certified, trained employee who has undergone an extensive background check.
  5. Their contents destroyed under surveillance as soon as they reach our facility.
  6. We recycle 100% of the material you shred with us. We share with you the number of trees you have saved by doing the right thing, shredding and recycling your office paper.
  7. You receive an electronic certificate of destruction, documenting what has been destroyed.


All of our regular shred clients get a choice of three container styles and four sizes. Our containers offer your business a secure way to deposit your files for shredding. Below are some stats for each, or our team can help you figure out which size would work best for your business needs.


The cost of your scheduled shredding service is based on the number of locking shredding containers you need as well as the frequency of the service. Offsite is the most cost-effective choice and is completely safe and secure.



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