Off-Site Shredding Service

The fastest and most efficient way to shred a large amount of documents.

"Secure Records takes all the hassle out of effectively managing your business' files, saving time and money."

Joseph F., Valdosta, GA

If you have more than 30 boxes to destroy, you could save hundreds by shredding off-site, without sacrificing security.

It’s Cost Effective

Off-site shredding is the most cost effective, timely and secure method of destroying a large volume of paper. Because we aren’t limited by the speed and capacity of a single truck, off-site shredding is the best option for large shredding projects like an annual purge.

Our Secure Process

We offer smart, efficient off-site shredding and hard drive destruction solutions designed for unique compliance problems, with secure processes that exceed industry standards. That’s why we have the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)’s AAA Gold Standard and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)’s GCIC Accreditation.

Step-by-Step:  How it works

Once you’ve scheduled a pickup time that is convenient for you, we manage the entire process:

  1. We take custody of client records in their office or storage area, placing them into a locking bin for transportation
  2. We transport these locked bins to our secure off-site shredding plant
  3. Bins are unloaded and their contents destroyed under surveillance as soon as they reach our facility.
  4. We recycle 100% of the destroyed material through a direct relationship with our paper mill, where our shredded paper is recycled into tissue.
  5. You receive an electronic certificate of destruction, documenting what has been destroyed.

Advantages of off-site shredding

The advantage of off-site shredding is the chain of custody our company maintains throughout the process. Because we manage the baling of paper internally, there are no third parties introduced to the process as there are in on-site shredding. As a result of this, we have the industry’s toughest certification, and receive regular surprise audits to ensure our compliance.

What items can be destroyed?

  • Paper
  • X-rays
  • Odd Sized Documents
  • Hard Drive destruction
  • On Site
  • Same Day
  • Commercial
  • Residential


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