Amber Bryant

Client Services Coordinator

Amber has a passion for helping others, which makes her perfect as our Client Services Coordinator. In this role, she serves as a liaison between clients and our operations teams to help solve clients’ problems. She also manages Secure Records Service’s scan on demand service and oversees scanning projects to ensure quality control. In 2020, Amber was the recipient of the first-ever “Secure Records Spirit” award that recognizes the employee who best embodies our four core values.

Questions & Answers

I work directly with clients, helping them with whatever they need. I handle all scan on demand requests, typically getting clients the file they need in 30 minutes or less. I also oversee scanning projects and ensure quality control. Scanning is one of the most time-consuming jobs. It takes a lot of preparation and attention to detail, and I ensure clients have the best quality.  

My grandmother and my mom. My grandmother was a schoolteacher for 40+ years, and I really look up to her for everything in my life. She would stay after school sometimes until 9pm, go to students’ homes and offer any additional assistance to make sure they were staying ahead. She was devoted to her job and helping people, and I think I inherited that quality from her. My mother has always been a very hard worker who made sure that we always had everything we needed. My dependability and motivation to get the job done right comes from her.  

In addition to being a full-time worker, I am a full-time mother of four, ranging from seven to four months! Four different personalities among the four sweet kids keeps me very busy!

Organization and ease of access to their information. That’s where we come in! We index it and let clients decide what they need to keep, scan or destroy.