The Benefits of Scan on Demand in Less Than 500 Words

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March 29, 2024
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Scan on demand is one of the best solutions offered by Secure Records Solutions.

Scan on Demand allows businesses to enjoy the quick access of scanning without the expense. Truly the best of both worlds! Though it sounds too good to be true, don’t be skeptical. We’re going to explain the benefits in less than 500 words.

1. It’s cost effective.

How? Because we only scan what you need when you need it. From nearly two decades of experience, we find that the vast majority of records are rarely accessed. In some cases, that number is 80-90% Therefore, scanning everything is simply not necessary. It wastes time and money. And oftentimes it’s not even executed properly! Efficiency is at the heart of scan on demand, and we have continued to refine it to meet the demands of companies in every industry.

2. You regain time and space.

When we take possession of your files, you free up valuable office space. And, more importantly, you regain time. No more time spent shuffling through files struggling to find the one you need.

3. Files that you need are still at your fingertips – digitally, that is.

While you don’t have physical access, your files are only a few clicks away. Simply request the file(s) that you need and one of our team members send it to you typically within 30 minutes during the workday.

4. Your files are organized.

Just because files are onsite does not mean that they are easily accessible. Oftentimes they are in disarray or ‘organized’ using a variety of methods by different people throughout the life of the organization. Indexing at the file level is a crucial step in the scan on demand process. If the files are not properly indexed, it is impossible to meet that “on demand” promise.

5. Your files are secure.

Our location has the highest certifications around both storage and destruction, meaning we have met or exceeded the industry’s most stringent requirements for these services. And when you request files via scan on demand, we send them to you in an encrypted file, ensuring yet another layer of security.

6. Your files are actively managed.

We don’t just sit back and wait for you to request your files. Instead, we actively manage for retention. This means that on a regular basis, we’ll send you a list of files that are eligible for destruction. This means that over time, your storage costs will be reduced.

7. You can go back to focusing on the highest and best use of your time.

We deal with files all the time. We have refined our processes over time, taking what works and applying our best thinking for our clients. We know what works and how to do it efficiently. By outsourcing this process, you are fulfilling your duty to your clients and using your time effectively.

If Scan on Demand sounds like a service that could benefit your business, give us a call today.

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