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March 21, 2024

Albany, Georgia has long been an economic center of southwest Georgia. Hosting a range of businesses that all have a variety of needs. Foremost among these is document storage. There are a range of document storage solutions for Albany businesses to meet their document storage needs. Regardless of size, all businesses have several document storage options in the area to choose from.  

In-House Storage 

Document storage solutionsThe first document storage option for Albany businesses to consider is storing documents in-house. This may be a viable option for businesses just starting out, but it comes with some responsibilities and limitations.  

In-house record storage means your business isn’t just responsible for keeping and preserving the documents, but managing them as well. You’re in charge of designing, implementing, and enforcing a system to organize documents while also following a retention policy. It’s an ongoing job, and while possible, it’s likely to be time and resource consumptive.  

Additionally, storing your own documents can create restrictions for developing businesses. Storing records in-house can save on up-front costs associated with other storage options. However, the trade-off will often be felt in square-footage consumed by expanding collections of records generated by a growing business.  

Off-Site Self-Storage   

For Albany businesses that recoil at the thought of storing all their records in-house, off-site storage in separate facilities or self-storage units may appear as an appealing alternative. To be sure, self-storage and other offsite options do free up space in-house, often helping recover lost space and restore inhibited business functions, and there are a lot of storage options in the Albany area.  

The cost, however, comes from the difficulty in managing records stored in offsite facilities. Businesses can easily slip into an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude towards vital records and documents. Not to mention, self-imposed document management plans are difficult to maintain across multiple locations. Perhaps worst of all, weather and climate issues can damage vital records when stored in facilities like outdoor self-storage units.  

Off-site storage options like those described may seem appealing, but they often become an unfortunate middle-ground offering none of the control of in-house management and storage, but equally taxing or risky potential costs.  

Calling In the Pros  

store your recordsThe final option that best covers all aspects of document storage and corresponding records management is to partner with experienced document storage professionals like the ones at Secure Records Solutions.  

Outsourcing document storage needs to a professional document storage company gives you the flexibility that comes with outsourcing physical and spatial storage needs. It also gives you a higher return on your investment than most self-storage options. This is due to the benefits of professional custodianship and lock-tight data and document security standards.  

Furthermore, the best document storage options will offer records management services (like indexing and scanning) to help diversify your document management plan. Secure Records Services is NAID-AAA certified, boasting industry-leading data security standards and an innovative document storage facility.  

A Variety of Options with Secure Records Solutions  

Secure Records Solutions employs a team for indexing and scan-on-demand services. This allows them to offer clients tailored records management plans in addition to standard document storage and scanning solutions. With an on-site shredder and team members with retention expertise across a variety of industries, SRS offers a complete suite of document storage and records management tools, from a given document’s inception through to its secure destruction and recycling.  

Best of all, SRS operates out of nearby Thomasville, Georgia, situated in southwest Georgia and in the general Albany area. Close proximity to Albany allows for immediate customer service and convenient options for transporting documents to Thomasville. The team has experience working with a variety of clients from the area, so they’re familiar with the type of document storage solutions Albany faces.

If you’re an Albany business considering document storage options, consider partnering with an experienced team like Secure Records Solutions. With state-of-the-art facilities, NAID-AAA certification, additional records management options, and a nearby location, Secure Records Solutions is a great fit for Albany area businesses. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to get started or learn more.  

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