Which Is Better for Your Business? In-House Shredding vs. Shredding Program

In-House Shredder vs Shredding Program

As businesses grow and expand the scope of their operation, new demands arise for that business to meet. A prime example of this common phenomenon is found in shredding needs. As businesses grow, that growth generates records in a variety of forms. That growth scales with the growth of the business. This means that eventually, all businesses must address their shredding needs.  

Shredding matters to businesses because it helps them stay compliant. It helps them to safeguard sensitive information and client and customer data through secure destruction and save on the expense of preserving records past their retention points. There are a few ways for businesses to address these shredding needs. The most common are by investing in shredders for their facility or investing in a shred program with a document management business.  

For many businesses, it can be difficult to determine which of the two is the best fit for them. Analyzing the costs and benefits of each choice will help clarify which is the best option for your business.  

To best understand which option is right for your business, you must understand what you’re getting out of each option and what it costs. For in-house shredding through shredders located in a primary office, there are a few benefits and some costs to look out for.  

In-House Shredding

In-house shredding options like desktop shredders and other larger in-office options can be an appealing choice for businesses that are just starting out or those that only deal with minimal amounts of paper records. It allows for direct control over your own document management plans. It offers a convenient way to destroy sensitive documents quickly and safely.  

WIn-House Shreddinghile initial costs are limited to purchasing and installing shredders around the office, more subtle operational costs can appear over time. Operational costs include the cost of employee time to operate and maintain shredders and maintenance costs. Implementing a shredding protocol that meets retention policy standards also costs. When running your own shredders, your business will be responsible for their use, upkeep, and upgrades. Growing businesses can outpace the capacity of their in-house shredders, creating backlogs of records that leave your business susceptible to records data breaches. These are costly errors that function as punishment for having grown your business.  

Outsourcing With a Shredding Program  

For businesses that choose shredding programs, the initial investment can seem costly and involved, when compared with in-house shredding. But the most costly records management plans are those enacted after a records management disaster has already been created; for new businesses, a shredding program with a reliable shredding company can be an affordable solution from the start.  

The greatest benefit in relation to cost that a shredding program provides, however, is scalability. Lack of scalability is the costliest downside to keeping on-site shredders and managing shredding responsibilities in-house. The grows-with-your-business nature of a good shredding program is its greatest strength. Not only does a shred program free up employee productivity, time, and space in your office or facility, it can also grow and adjust to the changing shredding needs of your business.  

Extra Benefits of Shred Programs  

For those who are concerned about the lack of control in handing over records destruction responsibility to an outside company, it’s reassuring to know that shredding companies like Secure Records Solutions are NAID-AAA certified and prepared to securely destroy all sensitive data. Secure Records Solutions even offers shredding containers of their own as part of client shredding plans – meaning you can retain the convenience of having a shredder around the office while still enjoying the benefits of a professional shredding program.  

There’s a final benefit to enacting a shredding program that’s especially pertinent today: Large-scale shredding is more conducive to efficient recycling practices.  This allows shredding companies to help clients offset carbon emissions as all businesses work towards a greener future.  

Convenience Now vs. Preparing for the Future  

The difference in cost between a shredding program and in-house shredders is defined by the different nature of each as an investment. Shredders represent convenience, in-house control and (sometimes) a lower upfront cost to begin using. But exclusive use of in-house shredding technology becomes inefficient and costly over time and as a business grows. Shredding programs can be daunting at first, but scale much more effectively with a growing business. This allows more freedom and flexibility for clients to grow their business without fear of data breaches or other complications.  

If you’re interested in learning more about shred programs or getting started on a shred program of your own, the team at Secure Records Solutions is always ready to help. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to get started with a shred plan that best fits your business.  


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