• Recycling

    The Sustainability Quagmire: Recycling is Just One Piece

    As part of my job, I deal with a lot of waste every single day – to the tune of 2.1 million pounds of shredded paper we recycle each year. My passion, however, is in solving problems and creating efficiencies for companies all across the […]

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  • Tifton CEO: Secure Records Solutions Merges with ShredEZ

    Tifton CEO recently shared a media release regarding Secure Records Solutions’ merger with ShredEZ out of Adel, Georgia: Tifton CEO reports that Secure Records Solutions (SRS) is a family owned and operated document management company headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia. The merger with ShredEZ, the first […]

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  • Does your business violate the FACTA disposal rule?

    The FACTA Disposal Rule is designed to prevent the unauthorized access to – or use of – information in a consumer report. Is your business compliant? When people think of business regulation, the Securities and Exchange Commission or HIPAA may come to mind first. But […]

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  • EMR, Electronic Medical Record, EHR, Electronic Health Record, HIPAA, Scanning Medical Records, Thomasville, Tallahassee, Albany, Valdosta, Tifton, Dothan, Jacksonville, Atlanta, AHIMA, GHIMA, FHIMA

    HomeTown Health 2019 Executive Leadership Program

    Christopher P. Jones, Secure Records Solutions Partner, among 12 HomeTown Health Graduates of 2019 Executive Leadership Program Twelve individuals from Georgia rural hospitals and supporting organizations graduated from the HomeTown Health 2019 Executive Leadership Program. This group of individuals was recognized at the graduation and […]

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  • How To Solve Your Office’s Space Issue

    Does your office have a space issue? Hint: It’s actually a management issue! Recently, a potential client called me up and said they needed SRS to help them immediately. It was urgent – the practice’s office was literally running out of room. We, of course, […]

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  • Which is the Best Shredding Solution for Your Business?

    Secure Records Solutions currently offers two shredding solutions: mobile (onsite) and offsite.  Which is the best shredding solution for your business? In this blog, we detail the process for each method, and share the differences and similarities of each to help you choose which is […]

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  • Secure Records Solutions Merges with ShredEZ of Adel, GA

    As of October 2019, Secure Records Solutions has merged with ShredEZ. Secure Records Solutions is a family owned and operated document management company headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia. Founded in 2003, SRS is Southwest Georgia’s premier shredding company, known for our legendary client experience, highly accredited […]

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  • How Can Your Office Reduce Its Paper Waste?

    Did you know that the average office employee uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year? If your office has 25 employees, that means your office goes through 250,000 pieces of paper annually.  Staggering, right?  If you use a desktop shredder and attempt to recycle […]

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  • Four Red Flags It’s Time to Change Document Management Providers

    The document management industry has undergone a transformative shift over the past decade. Today, less than 1% of industry leadership is under 40, and very few companies have proper succession planning or exit strategies in place. As a result, consolidation is occurring all across the […]

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  • How Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule Apply to Paper Medical Records?

    When the HIPAA Privacy Rule was established in 2003, it was intended to deal with privacy surrounding digital records; therefore, specific language surrounding the management of paper records is vague. While most practitioners are moving toward electronic records, many historical records remain in hard copy […]

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  • phishing

    Five Ways to Detect a Phishing Email Scam

    Gone Phishing? It could lead to disastrous results. According to Symantec’s 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR), the average user receives 16 malicious spam emails or phishing attempts per month. Over the course of the year, that’s nearly 200 chances to accidentally give away a password, […]

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  • scanning

    What benefits does outsourced document scanning offer?

    To Scan or not to scan, that is the question. For many rural hospitals, financial institutions, or businesses in highly-regulated industries, “just scan everything” is often the answer. While it’s seemingly the obvious solution, it’s never the easiest, and, in many times, it’s the most […]

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  • documents

    5 ways to create value with your documents

    Despite the oppressive heat here in South Georgia, school is back in session. People are shaking off the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and jumping back into order and routine. There’s no better time to look at your document management routine and ensure that […]

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  • Why do most document management software projects fail?

    We hear it all the time: “We’re paperless.” “We have the latest, greatest software money can buy.” “We are cloud-based.” However, when we walk through the office, we see papers being shuffled back and forth and hard copy files being referenced. And then we realize, […]

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  • How Can A Rural Hospital Reduce Risk & Expense?

    The average rural hospital has an average 3,000 boxes of paper records even though they implemented EMR software a decade ago. Ninety-five percent of hard copy records will never be accessed, so scanning everything is an expensive, inefficient solution. Labor associated with managing medical records […]

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  • Reasons SRS Does Business With Other Local Businesses

    Secure Records Solutions is a local, family-owned and operated business here in Southwest Georgia. We strive to work with similar business partners because we know the positive impact it has on the economy of Southwestern Georgia. There are familiar faces in chamber meetings, at Rotary […]

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  • Take Advantage of Tax Credits Benefiting Rural Georgia Hospitals

    Imagine going into labor early or seeing your husband experience chest pains and having to travel hours to the nearest hospital to seek emergency care. For those in rural areas across the country, this is a reality. In our own home state of Georgia, eight […]

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  • Why Does NAID AAA Certification Matter?

    Security FAQ for Finding a Document Management Company The 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study from IBM Security reported that the average cost, globally, for each lost or stolen confidential record is $148 per record. That comes out to a global average cost of […]

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  • Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Your Secure Records

    Barry. Humberto. Karen. Wendy. You haven’t met them yet; but come summer, you just might. These are some of the 21 names chosen for this year’s storms. The Weather Channel recently released its hurricane outlook for 2019. A total of 14 named storms, seven hurricanes […]

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  • Earth Day Sustainability

    This past Earth Day, April 22, 2019, the hashtag #onegreenthing circulated around social media. Some companies donned green attire and took part in a recycling or clean-up project in their community; others shared images of people planting trees or taking part in an urban garden. Secure […]

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  • GDPR IS HERE | Is your business ready?

    Disclaimer: We are not attorneys. Nothing within this post should be considered legal advice, but rather a spur to put your research hat on! Does your company collect, maintain, or process personal data of individuals within the European Union (EU)?  If so, the General Data Protection […]

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  • PRISM International & NAID Merge to Form New Industry Association

    Secure Records Solutions was honored to participate in the 2018 PRISM International Summit this week as history was made with a vote finalizing the merger between PRISM International and NAID, two industry associations in which we were already very involved. Our Consulting Team Leader, Christopher Jones, first […]

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  • NAID Conference, NAID AAA Certification, Tallahassee Shredding, Valdosta Shredding

    NAID Conference 2018

    The Secure Records Solutions management team just returned from an exciting and productive National Association for Information Destruction Annual Conference in Nashville, TN. The conference was full of networking with friends in the industry, educational and motivating sessions (including one given by our very own […]

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  • Why hospitals should not discard HIPAA regulated patient records

    In this scathing article published in the UK’s Daily Mail, researchers find that healthcare providers without proper document destruction protocols simply discard sensitive patient records with their trash. In a recent study, researchers from St Michael’s Hospital and the University of Toronto found 1300 lbs […]

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  • Tallahassee, Sunshine Law, Open Records Request, Public Records

    Tallahassee is asked: “Are Text Messages Public Records?”

    As the premier information management company in the Tallahassee area, we thought it important to share this debate with you. ABC27 WTXL introduced the discussion here on November 29th. In a world where business is conducted by text, it is not unreasonable to think that City of […]

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  • Anonymous Location Data

    Anonymous Location Data

    Have you ever noticed your phone making subtle suggestions, like how long it will take for you to go somewhere at a time you often go to that place, even when you aren’t using a maps application? It was a minor annoyance in the back […]

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  • PRISM Conference, Document Management Industry

    PRISM 2017 – What’s Next for the Document Management Industry?

    We’ve just returned from the summer gathering of our document management industry’s leadership, PRISM 2017. The conference was an excellent opportunity to network with contemporaries from 6 continents, all focused on the future of document management. Beyond the networking, Secure Records Solutions was in the […]

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  • Paper Shredder, NAID Conference, Document Shredding, Paper Shredding

    2017 NAID Conference

    March and April have been a whirlwind around here, and it’s easy to see why when I look back over the last year. Our shredding business in Tallahassee, Thomasville, Albany, Tifton, and Valdosta has grown by 43%! While we’ve been busy on boarding new document […]

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  • Stay Safe Online, Internet Security, Secure Records Solutions, Document Management

    How to Stay Safe Online

    I was traveling abroad recently when I started thinking about all of the work I do on the road, and how difficult it is to stay safe online. Just think of the many opportunities to use public or loosely managed WiFi in airport lounges, hotels, […]

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  • Information Security, Data Management, National Data Privacy Day, January 28

    National Data Privacy Day January 28th

    National Data Privacy Day is a good reminder of the responsibility every organization has for taking necessary steps to protect sensitive information and prevent a data breach of client records. The responsibility of data privacy is governed by a series of laws at the industry, state, […]

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  • EMR Software Solutions

    New Year’s Resolution: Paperless. Check!

    Our team establishes company goals and individual goals so that we know we are all rowing in the same direction. If your team has been talking about going paperless, but the scanning you’ve been tasked with feels like a hamster wheel that you can’t get […]

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  • Christmas Letter

    SRS Annual Christmas Letter

    Merry Christmas, from our team to yours! Many of you have joined us for a tour of our facility this year – we would like to invite those who haven’t on a virtual tour on the website we’ve redeveloped since our last Christmas letter. There […]

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  • PowerUP, Domi Station, First Commerce Credit Union

    SRS Selected for Domi Station PowerUP

    Secure Records Solutions is excited to announce that we’ve been chosen as one of five businesses that will participate in the first PowerUP cohort of Domi Station, Tallahassee’s entrepreneurial incubator. This program is a partnership between Domi Station and First Commerce Credit Union. “It’s exciting […]

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  • Information Security, Fraud Prevention, IT Security, Blough Tech, Data Management, Document Scanning

    Blough Tech Security Conference

    Thanks to Blough Tech for including us in their November Blough Tech Security Conference – we learned a lot and appreciated the opportunity to educate attendees on “Opportunities for Enhancing Workflow with Digitization”. A few highlights follow: Information Governance is about automating security and compliance while improving efficiency. […]

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  • The dark net, hacker, information security, data management

    Welcome to The Dark Net, the underworld of the web

    In this September 11 Vanity Fair article, William Langewiesche follows “Opsec”, his guide to the underworld of the web, through “The Dark Net” to discover a place where information, weapons, and drugs are sold, and wars are being fought. The author gives an excellent history of […]

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  • Secure Records Solutions Virtual Tour

    In recognition of our selection as Business of the Month by the Thomasville-Thomas County Chamber of Commerce, we’ve produced a virtual tour of our facilities to introduce the public to the kinds of information management problems we are solving for clients in 48 states.

  • Business of the Month, Thomasville, Thomas County, Chamber of Commerce

    Business of the Month

    Secure Records Solutions is proud to be chosen as Business of the Month by the Thomasville Thomas County Chamber of Commerce! A few highlights from our Business of the Month interview with the Chamber… C: How long has SRS been in business in Thomasville? SRS: 14 years […]

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  • Payments System Hacking. Online Credit Cards Payment Security Concept. Hacker in Black Gloves Hacking the System, Cyber Attack, Data Breach, Hacker, Data Management, Data Center, Cloud Storage, Tallahassee, Valdosta, Tifton, Albany, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Moultrie, Jacksonville, Dothan, Atlanta

    What’s a cyber attack going to cost me?

    We read about a high profile cyber attack in national media outlets on a weekly basis, but data breaches on the scale of Target and The Democratic National Committee are hard to relate to when you run an organization with less than 100 people. According to the annual data […]

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  • Volunteer of the Year

    Secure Records Solutions has been involved in PRISM, our industry’s international association, since before the company was founded in 2003 by Powell Jones. Both Powell and Christopher Jones have been involved as volunteers for many years. This year PRISM recognized Christopher as Volunteer of the Year for the second […]

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  • Hack an Election, Hacker, Election, Trump, Clinton, Election Hacking

    How to Hack an Election

    In the March 31 Bloomberg article “How to Hack an Election” by Jordan Robertson, Michael Riley, and Andrew Willis, we get the story of Andrés Sepúlveda, a Columbian hacker with a political agenda. Sepúlveda is in the custody of the Columbian government, where he is in constant danger from the […]

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  • Workflow Development and Automation

    Digital Workflow Week

    Thanks to the folks at gradhacker for calling my attention to Digital Workflow Week, with a series of articles on managing emails and organizing computer filing systems. I have been traveling a lot recently (with no end in sight) and my backlog of emails to respond […]

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  • EMR, Electronic Medical Record, EHR, Electronic Health Record, HIPAA, Scanning Medical Records, Thomasville, Tallahassee, Albany, Valdosta, Tifton, Dothan, Jacksonville, Atlanta, AHIMA, GHIMA, FHIMA

    What’s your Electronic Health Record Strategy?

    Are you making a Strategic Decision or a Buying Decision? If you are thinking about document management in terms of buying a software and scanning paper, you aren’t solving the problem. No matter where you are in the process of managing digital records, you should clarify […]

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    Recognizing Health Information Professionals in our region with AHIMA

    The Health Information Professionals in your life may not get a lot of credit, but they are critical to the field of Healthcare. They are the reason your medical records are readily available, your insurance is billed (instead of you!), and your physician knows what you have […]

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  • Data Breach, Hacker, Information Management, IT, IT Security, Data Center, Verizon, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Dothan, Tallahassee, Thomasville, Albany, Tifton, Valdosta

    18 common data breach scenarios

      Verizon has just released their annual Data Breach Digest, outlining the themes that came out of their investigation of 500 cases pertaining to cyber security. All of these breaches were broken down into 18 common scenarios, clustered into four groups. I’ve outlined them below […]

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  • Internet error 404 page not found, digital afterlife, twitter death, Facebook death, linkedin death

    Digital Afterlife: Leaving behind the legacy of our digital lives

    Over the last 10 years, our world has become better connected by applications that save time and money, organize, share, and analyze information, and allow us to communicate with physically separate people and places. Because of these and many more advantages, more of our lives […]

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  • LTO Tape, Cloud, LAN, WAN, SAN, Disk Cache, LTFS Library, Distributed File System, Object Storage

    Separating delivery mechanism from medium for IT Savings

    “There’s a debate going on about data protection methods right now, and it centers on ‘disk, tape, or cloud.’ Of course, cloud is a delivery mechanism, not a medium, and cloud providers are using disk and near-line tape, too.” Jason Buffington of Enterprise Strategy Group […]

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  • Enterprise Content Management Software

    Testing your data to make it work for you

    The author of the linked Harvard Business Review article, Thomas Redman, helps companies study their data to improve its quality. He offers some very interesting insights on the accuracy and value of your data, and how to improve it. This concept is next level thinking most organizations […]

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  • Scan on Demand Strategy

    Years ago, our client services team developed a strategy we call “scan on demand” for a client who needed records fast in a legal discovery. Now we pull and scan many files each day instead of physically delivering them to clients all over the country. There are several […]

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  • Plan Before you Scan – Document Scanning the smart way

    Once your organization has committed to digitizing your processes, it seems the next logical step would be to purchase a scanner and get to work scanning all of your paper. Perhaps a document management software is an additional purchase you’d consider, to solve all of your […]

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  • Internet Security: 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

    Internet security is often talked about and rarely applied. In a recent Time Magazine article, Mark Risher, Google’s spam and abuse chief, offers the following 5 tips: Stop using the same password everywhere Keep your software updated Don’t fall for “phishing” scams Add recovery contact […]

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  • Shredding, Recycling, Environmental Impact

    SRS Recycling hits 1.5 Million pound milestone

    Our commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of our business, and the SRS shredding division is excited to announce that we have recycled 1.5 Million pounds of paper over the last year. According to the University of Southern Indiana, recycling one ton of paper can […]

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  • Uncertain future of Digitized Documents

    “SAN DIEGO — In a sprawling talk that ranged from the preservation of digitized documents to the future of cursive handwriting, Internet pioneer Vint Cerf and Bruce Cole of the Ethics and Public Policy Center were optimistic about the future of technology, yet wary of […]

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  • EHR Conversion Project Success

    ATLANTA, GA — The SRS Consulting team has just completed another EHR conversion project for a large regional healthcare provider in Georgia. This is the fourth such project over the last year. Secure Records Solutions has gained a reputation within the state system as the preeminent project management team […]

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