How Outsourcing Document Management Keeps Car Retailers Compliant

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Last updated
April 25, 2024

Automotive industry retailers know that staying in compliance with Federal Trade Commission Guidelines is a key feature of doing business. One of the most important steps to ensuring constant compliance with FTC guidelines is employing an effective document management system.  

FTC compliance automotive salesAutomotive industry retailers, whether in new car sales or used car sales, deal with sensitive customer information in many types of transactions. Receiving and storing credit card numbers, bank account information, identifying information or other forms of sensitive data is a part of most automotive industry professionals’ daily routine.  

Document management can quickly become a large-scale job for many automotive industry retailers. When document management tasks increase in scale, liabilities do too. More demands placed on in-house document management systems result in stretched storage situations or harder-to-maintain security. Outsourcing document management responsibilities to a professional document management business can eliminate the risks associated with strained in-house management practices and ensure consistent FTC compliance for automotive industry retailers – without sacrificing access to important data.  

Indexing for Efficient Storage Solutions 

When an automotive retailer partners with a document management service like Secure Records Solutions, the first thing they can count on is a smart storage solution. As an industry leader in customer service, we know our clients’ governing bodies and regulatory obligations – we treat them like they’re our own.  

Our indexing service allows us a chance to review your records and determine what you can destroy while remaining compliant with FTC guidelines – we often find our clients can save money through destruction as opposed to scanning and storing all legacy data. These indexing practices paired with our scan-on-demand document return capabilities mean you save on scanning expenses without sacrificing access to any of your important data.  

The Safest Destruction Practice 

All team members at Secure Records Solutions are NAID-AAA certified, so your customers’ sensitive data remains in good hands, whether that’s during transit, indexing, or destruction. When data has been destroyed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction, while 100% of your destroyed paper records are recycled into tissue paper. Secure Records Solutions offers innovative and customizable destruction plans, along with employing useful destruction tools like our shred bins or one-time purge services, to help meet our clients’ unique needs.  

Secure Storage with Constant Access 

Automotive industry retailers can count on Secure Records Solutions for secure storage and easy access to all of their records. We proudly boast an average document return time of thirty minutes, provided by our indexing and scan-on-demand services. Our commitment to a legendary client experience means our clients can always count on remaining compliant without sacrificing near-instant access to their valuable data, avoiding costly legal issues and frustrated customers.  

No matter the size of your automotive retail business, Secure Records Solutions has a document management solution for you. Contact Secure Records Solutions today to learn about solutions we can offer your business.  

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