New Year, No Paper? Schedule a One-Time Purge in 2021


New Year, new you! Every January brings with it the promise of new hope and a chance to cut the old, bad habits and start fresh. Why not apply those same principles to your business with an annual one-time shred purge. Every year, we help hundreds of businesses in the North Florida and South Georgia area rid their businesses of thousands of boxes of unneeded, old files that take up space and could even present a legal liability. Below we take a look at some frequently asked questions regarding our shred purge program.

What is a one-time purge?

A one-time purge shred is a one-time event where we destroy a large volume of documents at one time. Businesses in this situation often find it necessary to outsource shredding to a company such as Secure Records Solutions that is equipped with an industrial strength shredder to destroy hundreds of pounds of paper in less than an hour. Think about how long it would take your desktop shredder to accomplish that!

What is the process for a one-time purge?

We offer both onsite (mobile) and offsite shredding. The choice is yours!  Both processes are NAID AAA-certified, meaning both adhere to the industry’s most stringent regulations, and both utilize state of the art shredding equipment. And with either method, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction once your documents are destroyed.

Is a one-time purge expensive?

Our pricing is very straight forward. Simply put, it’s based on the volume of paper you have to destroy and the method you choose – mobile or offsite. There are no hidden or surprise charges. There is a minimum fee, and anything over that minimum is based on volume. Our expert sales team will do their best to estimate your cost upfront so there will be no surprises.

Does SRS comply with COVID-19 precautions?

 Yes! SRS was at the forefront of precautions for COVID-19 including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Taking the temperature of drivers before they depart for client interaction
  • Frequent sanitizing of hands and high touch assets such as bins and scanners.
  • Minimizing contact by maintaining a safe distance between clients’ employees and SRS team members.
  • “offering no touch shred service”

If you still have questions or concerns, our client service team will be happy to find a solution that meets your business’s unique needs.

Does a one-time purge take the place of a regular shred program?

While some businesses like to start the New Year off with a clean slate, a regularly scheduled shredding service can save you lots of time, help with office organization, make your employees more efficient, and reduce the likelihood of a data breach. And at less than the cost of one cup of coffee per day, it will ultimately save your business money.

After you sign up for a regular shred service, we help you figure out the best type and number of bins as well as the frequency of service — monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or an “on-call service” where you call us when your bin needs picking up. We charge on a per-trip basis. Simple as that.

What if I’m still not sure about scheduling a one-time purge?

If you’re still on the fence about an annual purge, let us make the decision easier. Until January 31, 2021, SRS is offering 10% off your annual purge with the code NEWYEAR21.

Last year was hard enough on businesses – let SRS take paper shredding off your plate and start 2021off right. Whether you’re in Valdosta, Tallahassee, or anywhere else in the 100-mile shredding radius of our Thomasville, GA headquarters, call us today to figure out which shredding service model best fits your business’s needs.


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