Retention Management Policy Development

We'll develop a plan with you to solve any record liability issues you might face.

"The primary benefit [of working with SRS] was that it forced our staff to go electronic, to embrace that theology."

Angela H., Americus, GA

As an organization grows, its administrative functions are centralized, and records retention management policy at the local level is a low priority. That is, until a legal discovery goes badly and you can’t produce records that lead to large fines. We’ve been engaged to solve record liability issues by creating and implementing records management policies on behalf of many clients. If your organization has suffered from poor document management policy implementation at the local level, we can execute a turnaround in a matter of weeks.

Our Eight Step Process for Records Management Policy Development:

  • Interview the client to determine strategic objectives
  • Compare existing policy/procedures to industry best practices
  • Write the policy
  • Implement the policy with local managers
  • Retrieve records from local offices
  • Catalogue records – a process we call indexing –  and apply retention guidelines
  • Scan records as they are needed with our scan on demand service
  • Destroy records when they meet their retention with our secure, NAID AAA Certified shredding service

As you consider your organization’s records management policy, consider the recent update from the Federal Office of Management and Budget. They just released a revision to the 16 year old Circular A-130 in October 2016 dealing with contemporary issues in information security and privacy. GCN Magazine gives a run-down on the changes to the policy they are calling “Managing Information as a Strategic Resource”.

Seven Questions to determine whether you need Retention Management Policy help:

  • Does your organization claim to be paperless, even though you have proof that you aren’t all around you?
  • Do you have a policy stating what you have to keep and for how long?
  • Does every facility know what your policy is, and abide by it in what they keep and what they destroy?
  • Does your policy include email security? According to this survey, half of your team has sent sensitive corporate data from their personal email account. 91% of all hacks start with an email.
  • If you need a record from one of your outlying facilities, do you know who to call and can they find it?
  • Has your company ever paid more in a legal action because of your failure to produce important records?
  • Have you ever had a data breach?

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