Choosing the best Shredding Service Provider in North Central Florida


For nearly eighteen years, Secure Record Solutions has met the shredding needs of businesses across North Florida including Lake City, Live Oak, Madison and Perry. In the advancing digital environment, secure data and proper destruction of old documents is of utmost importance. Secure Records Solutions can provide Live Oak and Lake City area businesses with the shredding capacity they need to keep their business running smoothly and safely.

Different businesses have different shredding needs. Here’s how our solution meets those needs:

  • Flexibility: For in-house shredding options, our shred bins are a simple and convenient way to ensure data security through an efficient, affordable process. We work closely alongside our clients to tailor a shredding service plan that fits your schedule and the needs of your business, helping you maintain efficiency and security while saving your business money over the long run. We serve many Lake City and Live Oak businesses on a weekly basis. SRS offers both onsite and offsite shredding solutions – so we can easily accommodate your preferences and industry requirements with our mobile truck or plant-based services. If it’s time for a purge, we’ll come to you – making your life easier while keeping data and documents secure.


  • Dependability: At Secure Records Solutions, we believe in providing legendary client experience. We understand that trust is paramount in every business relationship. Working with us, you will not have to worry about your provider missing a rotation or not showing up when expected. Our team is consistent and dependable. Whenever you need to schedule a service, you can call and speak with our Client Operations Coordinator, Tyler, directly without the hassle and frustration of an automated phone tree.


  • Security: Secure Record Solutions is NAID-AAA certified to handle all of your shredding and document destruction needs. That means you can rest assured knowing that our process meets the industry’s most stringent security standards. Once the documents are destroyed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records.


  • Responsibility: Not only does SRS provide a solution to increase security and productivity, but our services also allow our clients an avenue for reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their sustainability contributions. The final step of our process after we collect and shred the documents, is to securely recycle the paper material. 100% of paper we shred for clients is recycled to become tissue paper. You can read more about our sustainability efforts here.


If you’re in the Live Oak or Lake City areas, ensure your data is secure with commercial shredding services from Secure Record Solutions. Whatever your shredding needs, we have options that can fit your business. Give us a call today to start shredding.


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