The Remote Workers Guide to Securely Shredding Sensitive Documents

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April 1, 2024

The average workday as we know it has changed. Workers across all industries have found that many of their responsibilities are easily achieved working from home, on the road or even in the local coffee shop.

But whether your employees are working from home, in an in-office role or in a hybrid schedule, effective document management still matters. Proper document management, including secure shredding options, still keep your business running smoothly and staying compliant.

Thus, your business may need to adjust its pre-pandemic shredding strategy. This is the only way you can ensure remote employees are handling documents safely. 

At Secure Records Solutions, we can help you outline a tailored document management policy for your remote employees, just as we do for in-office employees, ensuring that they adhere to a secure and compliant document management process. 

Risks of Remote Document Management

In a post-pandemic world of booming hybrid and work-from-home opportunities,  many businesses have overlooked the need to adapt their document management policies for remote workers. This creates unnecessary risk and exposes these businesses to liability, inefficiency, and data mishaps.  

Unsecured documents piling up around the office create risk for your business. The same applies to documents piling up in employees’ homes. The risk of a document being stolen or simply lost is too high.

Equally concerning is the risk of employees improperly disposing of documents. Many remote workers that work from home have families that could easily access these confidential documents. Finally, some have even become digital nomads, meaning they travel while working.

Just think of all the possibilities of misplacing a document or a document getting into the wrong hands. 

Secure Records has the Solution

Luckily, Secure Records Solutions offers tailored solutions for helping your remote or hybrid employees manage documents. We offer shredding bags for companies to give to their hybrid or remote work employees.

These shred bags function like the shred bins we provide for in-office use; the remote employee can simply place any confidential documents into the shred bag. Employees can take shred bags that reach capacity into the office to empty into shred bins. 

If your employee is fully remote, they can still utilize the shredding bag process. Instead of bringing their shredding bag into the office, they can schedule a mobile shred or a shred pick up.  One of our shred trucks will securely collect and shred the contents.  

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Our commitment to flexible, tailored shred plans doesn’t stop with in-office solutions. At Secure Records Solutions, we offer shredding plans that help our clients and their employees keep their data secure. We know that adapting your document management process to remote employees is vital to security and compliance. Request a quote from us today to get your remote employees started! 

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